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What is The Best House Wash Product?


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The sled : this model represents nearly 96% of the market. It is the classic vacuum cleaner composed of a suction head, a flexible handle and a body on wheels. When choosing your vacuum cleaner, it is important to check that the grooves are not too wide and that the bristles are present on all 4 sides of the brush for better suction power. Among the vacuum cleaners, there are compact vacuum cleaners weighing 5kg maximum .best fiberglass shower cleaner These are practical but their suction power is less.

The cans : This model is the most efficient and sucks liquid, ash, small rubble, etc. It is, however, bulky.

The brooms : this model is ideal at first sight: wireless, body to carry, no bag, etc. It is driven with a rigid handle at human height. However, this model is expensive and noisy.

The robots : this model sucks by itself without human assistance. However, it is very expensive and its performance sometimes leaves much to be desired.

Vacuum Cleaner with or Without Bag?

The cost of the bags is to be considered each year, which is why the bagless models were invented. On the one hand, when the bag is full, you just have to throw it away and replace it, while on the other hand, you have to wash the tank. However, people allergic to dust are not recommended to use a bagless vacuum cleaner which exposes them to dust when cleaning the tank.

Once the model is chosen, the most important thing to consider is the maneuverability and practicality of the device . Also best pressure washer for vinyl siding  that accessories are included (small nozzle for curtains and cushions, large nozzle for radiators, upholstery brush, etc.)

Shovel and brush

The shovel and brush make it easy to pick up dust or debris that cannot be sucked up. They come in different sizes. The big ones save you from bending down, so the small ones have the advantage of not being cumbersome.

Microfiber cloth / tab

Microfiber cloths quickly and effectively clean smooth surfaces (tables, doors, worktops, tiles, etc.)

Microfiber helps reduce the intake of water and cleaning products during cleaning. Microfiber is 50 times smaller than cotton fiber and can effectively capture dirt in all corners and absorb a lot of water. Quality microfiber reduces the expense of cleaning products and rags.

The microfiber is based on polyamide (absorption of dirt and water) and polyester (cleaner). Used without water, it is the friction effect that allows the microfibers to charge positively and attract dust, which is negatively charged.

Best Outdoor Glass Cleaner

Synthetic sponge : Made of resin foam, does not have small irregular holes like the sponge of vegetable origin: It rinses easily and does not mold, does not keep bad odors. It often has a scratchy face to overcome heavy soiling. However, it is less absorbent and resistant than a synthetic sponge of vegetable origin.

Synthetic sponge of plant origin : It is very resistant, goes in the washing machine and does not decompose. However, this sponge often smells bad.

Metal sponges : Used to scour stubborn stains, metal sponges come in the form of steel wool or steel wool.

The choice of your sponge is crucial to properly scrub your household appliances and in particular your oven. To learn more about cleaning the oven, see our file on how to clean the oven .

WC detergent, descaler, disinfectant

The detergent allows the removal of grease and other dirt. Detergents are made up of:


  • Surfactants (which create breaks in the bonds between dirt and the surface of the material)
  • Additives (foaming or non-foaming products, descaling agents, bactericides, etc.)

There are a multitude of detergents such as white vinegar, bleach, white spirit, disinfectants, descalers … Most detergents are however chemicals that are very harmful to the environment. And let’s not forget that these products end up in our pipes.

It is quite possible to clean while respecting the environment by opting for detergents based on soap or surfactants of plant origin . You will also find a multitude of ecological products at our partner LeShop .

It is also possible to make your own detergent by mixing:

This magical instrument catches dust in every nook and cranny! It is ideal for cleaning furniture with small frills. The most efficient feather dusters are generally those made from real feathers (quite expensive) or those made from synthetic fibers.


Wipes are cloths soaked in cleaning products. They can be used in many situations (surfaces, toilets, floors, etc.) and are thrown away after use. However, the wipes are not very respectful of the environment since they are not reusable, and therefore create a significant mass of waste.

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