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Professional Photographer in Auckland for All Events

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Are you looking for a professional photographer in Auckland? Pick one from My Wed’s wedding photography directory! Many of the engagement and wedding pictures featured on this page were taken at nuptial and romantic events in Auckland by Auckland photographers. The best wedding photographer is one who captures nuptial moments without attracting attention to themselves. Inviting a photographer to a photo studio for engagements and surprise proposals results in smoothly lit couple portraits that will be a significant memento for the future family. 

Each photographer sets their own prices, which are shown on the page. Note that photography is an integral part of your wedding day memories, so take advantage of it. Hello, my name is Natalie Pasco, and I’m the owner of Natalie Pasco Photography, an Auckland-based wedding and portrait photographer. I’m not connected to the Pascoes (as in the New Zealand jewellers) or the city of Pasco in the United States (although we have received a few inquiries), but we can assist you with your New Zealand wedding photography.

On wedding days, my husband Phil acts as a second gunman for me. Many beautiful special moments of couples’ wedding days have been filmed by us in various locations in New Zealand. My photography style is a combination of photojournalistic and conventional wedding photography. I enjoy taking artistic pictures, as well as capturing moods, candid moments, and people’s natural expressions.

Our clients are usually older couples who have already been married or have been engaged for a long time and are looking for an easy, stress-free wedding. We’ve discovered that many of our clients don’t want to be the centre of attention and pose for a lot of photographs when photographing weddings. Rather than spending hours offsite with their photographer, they want us to catch the candid moments so they can enjoy their wedding day and spend time with their guests. They want to catch all of the essential elements of a wedding, and we’ve discovered that our four to six hour packages are the best way to do so while staying within budget. We only have one request: please allow at least half an hour for bridal portraits, bridal party pictures, and group photos.

We provide professional wedding photography at an affordable price in Auckland and Rotorua. Our wedding photography packages can be personalised to fit your unique needs and budget. Natalie Pasco Photography will help you schedule your wedding and build timelines. With all of the preparations completed ahead of time, you can relax and enjoy yourself on your special day.

We also provide portrait photography in East Auckland, including fun family photoshoots, baby photoshoots, and maternity photoshoots. When it comes to portrait photography, we like to first see what the client wants, then collaborate with them on photoshoot ideas. When clients see what we’re doing during the photoshoot, they always come up with their own suggestions for poses. Working together during the photo shoot ensures that you get a diverse set of images.

Here’s where you can learn a little more about us .When it comes to hiring a wedding photographer in Auckland, there are a lot of options. We’ve had the pleasure of photographing weddings all over New Zealand, particularly in Auckland and Rotorua. So, if you like our style in the Wedding Galleries above, we’ve included the following ‘guidelines’ to see if we’re a good fit to help you narrow down your quest. If you meet the following criteria, you’re our perfect client. You enjoy being well-organized, planning ahead, and ensuring that all the specifics are taken care of.

 You like images that are a combination of natural and lightly guided. You’d like to spend your wedding day with relatives, friends, and guests.  You like having a nice time.  Our 4 or 6 hour wedding packages will accommodate everything you want photographed can be customised if you would like longer.  You want a cost-effective photographer, but not one that is so low-cost that their work is subpar.  You will seek our assistance on timelines and any concerns you might have if you are uncertain about anything. In wedding and portrait photography, you have a plethora of choices in New Zealand and around the world. A significant number of photographers will travel the globe to photograph weddings.

I am based in East Auckland, New Zealand, but I am available to photograph your wedding day anywhere in the world! Please accept me as your portrait and wedding photographer whether you are looking for a local Auckland wedding photographer in East Auckland, West Auckland, South Auckland, North Auckland, or a photographer in or other parts of beautiful New Zealand. I can provide you with a quote even if you’re getting married anywhere else in the world and having a beautiful resort wedding in the Pacific Islands or Hawaii, Italy, the United States, or Canada (anywhere!). I still enjoy photographing weddings in Rotorua, New Zealand. David is really Professional photographer auckland . The Redwood Forest makes a stunning backdrop for a wedding. It works out well for us and our clients because my in-laws still live in Rotorua. Please let me know if you have any concerns about something as you browse through my website. I’d be pleased to assist you.


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