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Can I use a perspex sheet instead of glass? 

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Can I use a perspex sheet instead of glass? 

Perspex sheets are a cost-effective and more durable alternative to glass in many applications, from windows to home decor, furniture or even shower screens. Perspex sheets are also much lighter than glass and so much easier to transport and install, making them a convenient choice for your project. 

Perspex sheets are made of acrylic and available in lots of different tints, colours, thicknesses and sizes. Perspex sheets in Australia are also sometimes known as Plexiglass or Perspex; these are brand names, that all describe the same thing – a sheet of plastic that has plenty of applications in your home or business.

The benefits of perspex sheets 

Perspex sheets are comparable to glass, in that they are a clear, flat piece of material, but in many ways, they are the superior fabrication. For example, perspex sheets are: 

  • Clearer to look through than glass
  • Lightweight and less fragile than glass – if damaged, perspex sheets won’t shatter into a thousand pieces, making them more reliable and durable 
  • More affordable, especially when compared to glass
  • Easily and cheaply customisable, in size, thickness and colour 
  • Come in many shapes and forms, including in sheets, rods or tubes. 

How you can replace glass with perspex sheets 

  • In the bathroom: perspex sheets are clear, durable and waterproof so they can be used as a bathroom splashback, a shower screen or even as a mirror replacement.
  • In the kitchen: use a perspex sheet as a cost-effective splashback alternative to tiles – it’s cost-effective and easier to clean. 
  • In the garden or garage: perspex sheets are hardy and can withstand the weather, so they can be used outside as signage for your vegetable patch or in your garage as shelving. 
  • As home decor: perspex can be used to make an elegant coffee table, or as an alternative to glass as a dining room tabletop. It can also be used to replace old glass in frames or two pieces of perspex sheet can be placed together to form a frame. 
  • In your business: plexiglass makes an excellent alternative to glass if you need a display case for your products, or if you need to create inexpensive and durable signage for your business. 

If you’re looking for a more durable and affordable option to glass, consider perspex sheets for your next project. When you’re shopping for perspex sheets, make sure you find a reputable plastic supplier who can offer you a variety of colours and sizes, and who will provide you with advice if you would like it. 

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