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How to Analyze Orphan PST File with Great Ways?

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The best way to read a PST file is in Outlook. But if you have an orphan file and want to view the content in it, then how can you do this? In that case, this article will provide you with a way to analyze orphan PST file.

Every Outlook user knows that a PST file is a file where all your data is saved. It stores your data in the local storage space of the computer. Also, a user can open the file in Outlook very easily. The orphan PST file is not a harmful file; it is just a file stored on your computer when you delete or uninstall the Outlook program. This file can make your storage space full. So, if you want to view these files, you can use the Outlook program to open and view them.

However, if you do not have Outlook to read an orphan PST file, then what do you do? There are several ways to do this to help you in analysing your data.

Methods to Analyze Orphan PST File

Even without Outlook, there are two methods that you can use to read the orphan file. First is the GWMMO tool, which is a tool that can migrate your Outlook file. With the help of this tool, we can also import our orphan PST file and then analyse it. Another method is the third-party tool, with which you can directly read the file without harming the data. So, in this case, we use two tools to read the orphan PST file.

  • GWMMO tool: migrate your files and then read them.
  • Third-party tool: directly view data of orphan file file very easily.

Analyze Orphan PST File using the GWMMO Tool

Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook is a tool that was created to import your PST file. This can also be used in an orphan file, as if your file is readable. After migrating the file, you can read it on your Gmail account.

  1. First, download and install the GWMMO according to your system.
  2. Type your Gmail address and password. Then accept the permission to migrate the file.
  3. Browse the location where your orphaned PST file is stored. Select it.
  4. Now, select a destination to save your resulting file.
  5. Click on the Next option, and your file will be migrated into your system.

Limitations of the Manual Method

This method allows the user to read your PST file into Gmail for free, but it has some drawbacks that you have to face.

  • It does not have an option to delete duplicate data.
  • You can use this method to import a small PST file. If there are large or multiple files, then it is not applicable.
  • There are chances of losing your data.

Therefore, this method is not a suitable option. That’s why you can use another method to view data of orphan PST file.

Analyze Orphan PST File using Third-party Tool

The tool we use is used to view normal, damaged, corrupted, or orphaned PST files. FileViewer Outlook PST Viewer Tool is a tool that is good for forensics analysis. With that, it also provides a preview of your emails with attachments and other data such as contacts, calendars, events, etc. In addition, the tool has other features as well.

Features of Software

  • The software provides a scanning option to scan your file for corruption issues.
  • It has many preview modes to view your PST file in HEX, message header, HTML, MIME, attachment, etc.
  • You can install the file on all Windows OS and servers.
  • It has two more editions, Pro and Pro Plus, to export the file into PDFs and other files.
  • The software can use it to view the contact list in the file.

Steps to Analyze Orphan PST File with Software

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. Click on the Add File option and then the Browse button to open an orphan PST file. Again, click on Add File.
  3. Now all the content of your file is displayed on the screen. Preview your files in various modes.
  4. To check the contact list, click on the Contacts option at the bottom left.
  5. For viewing attributes of your emails, click on Subject, To, From, etc. at the top of files.
  6. To view the file horizontally and vertically, click on the Switch User option. Click on Upgrade to Pro to export your file.


Whether the PST file is normal or orphaned, you can easily view it in the Outlook program. But if you don’t have the program then that is a problem, so here we provide you with two ways to analyze orphan PST file. The first method is free and can be easy to use. But it has more drawbacks than benefits. However, the second method is a great way, as you can directly view data of orphan PST file without causing harm to it.

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