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Online Therapy – The New Way To Meet People

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Online Therapy is the delivery of psychological health services offered by means of modern telecommunication technologies between the patient and the psychotherapist. How does it work? A variety of technologies are involved: communication technologies such as voice mail, email and instant messaging, computer mediated telephone communication (VoIP), and internet-based client-server applications which allow for real-time video conferencing or online therapy. The key difference between these methods is that traditional face-to-face therapy offers a personal interaction between the psychotherapist and patient, whereas online therapy relies on typed text messages, email and instant messaging. Online Therapy also uses computer-mediated tools for communication, such as websites and instant messaging tools, in addition to voice mail and telephone conferencing.

In short online therapy involves a professional who acts as a therapist for his or her clients. The client talks through the medium of the Internet with the online therapist, and the therapist responds via the medium of the computer screen, mouse or keyboard. Online psychotherapy is very convenient for clients because they can schedule appointments whenever they want, and the therapists have the advantage of being available at any time. It also allows the therapists to learn more about their clients and help them in various ways. Online counseling is not supervised, so anyone can access it, and there is no need for approval from the treating physician or ethical approval from the psychologist or counselor.

Online counseling services provide several benefits over traditional face-to-face counseling services. For one thing, you have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with your therapist. Online psychotherapy also gives the psychotherapist a chance to assess and improve his/her client’s situation and understanding. Furthermore, because most Internet-facilitated psychotherapy and counseling services are multimedia based, they provide a rich source of information for the psychotherapist.

Online counseling services provide several benefits to clients as well. For one, online therapy services allow clients to remain anonymous when communicating with their therapist. Moreover, online therapy services offer convenient scheduling for both the clients and the therapists. Clients can do their sessions whenever it fits into their schedule, which means that they will not be interrupted by a sudden rain, unexpected traffic or even other commitments such as children attending school.

Online psychotherapy and counseling services can also benefit your health care provider, as well. If you are visiting your health care professional for an evaluation or treatment, having your session recorded and sent to a computer will allow your health care provider to provide an as-needed basis for your health care provider’s treatment plans. Your therapist will also have the ability to monitor your progress. You can record your session anytime, anywhere and watch it back if needed. This means that your therapist will know exactly what you are doing and how effective the treatment is. In addition, with video conferencing, your therapist can ask your loved ones or other resources for help if needed, or use other tools that help your therapist give better treatment.

Online therapy and counseling are fast becoming a recommended way of treatment for many disorders and mental illnesses. As technology continues to advance, therapists can use Online Therapy programs to access a variety of sources for information about clients and their conditions. Online Therapy also allows for increased client access and reduced costs for therapists. For more information about Online Therapy programs, check out the website below.


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