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Why Choosing a Suitable Helmet Has Very Little to Do with Looks

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For most people, a bike helmet will be a legal requirement and as such, they will have to choose a helmet and make a purchase before they can set off on the open roads. Oddly enough, most people will go for looks over practicality which is slightly odd considering the purpose of a helmet, and if anyone is in the slightest bit confused, the answer is NOT to look good;

The ultimate piece of protection for your noggin

There is one very good reason why Motorcycle helmets at Wheels are a legal requirement for most countries, they just so happen to be the most effective piece of protective equipment in terms of, saving your brain from being spread all over the scene of an accident. So, it shouldn’t really matter what you look like, having a helmet can save your life, for some people, though, looking like a complete twonk whilst, at the same time trying to look cool on their motorbike just didn’t sit right.

Buyers’ market

There are actually more than just a few people who weren’t happy with a one size fits all bowl on the head so, years of research have gone into making helmets look really stylish and in some cases, personalized or branded with team colours. Nowadays, making the correct choice of helmet might mean that you look really cool on a not so cool bike.

Regardless of

How you look, the helmet must fit properly or else there is every danger that it will slip forward over your eyes or, flip back, causing it to hang backwards from your neck by as you hurtle down the road trying to look cool whilst being strangled or blinded by your very own piece of safety equipment.

Take your time and don’t be a plonker

The best thing you can do is to actually visit a motorcycle store to have a look at the helmet offerings in person and to try them on. Clearly the majority of sales are done online these days, but, it’s imperative that you try the helmets on before buying one, it must be comfortable, it must fit properly and provide enough airflow to keep you cool and calm.


Most helmets are very reasonably priced, unless that is, of course, you want to go for a professional top of range all singing all dancing headpiece. The thing is, you could literally spend what you want, but, why would you when considering the overall purpose of your helmet and that, essentially, they all do the same thing albeit some will be better than others. Your best bet would be to look at something mid-range then you get the benefit of both worlds, unique features and cost-effectiveness.


A decent helmet should last you a lifetime, unless you drop it of course and then, you should probably replace it. So, you could view the purchase as an investment, in which case you might want to spend a little extra and get something a little bit special or even consider a personalised design.


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