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Braces vs. Invisalign- 4 Key Differences You Must Know About

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As teeth straightening option obtains the greatest leap and popularity amongst the common people, you should know about the available options in much detail. With numerous things to know today we will highlight on the 4 basic differences within braces and Invisalign, so that you can quickly make up your mind.

  1. Brush the teeth with Invisalign or Braces

The key difference between these two types of braces is the specific brushing style.


Special threaders are needed for flossing the teeth with permanent braces. You have to take the help of the tiny toothbrush for cleaning round the brackets. You have to be careful during chewing the foods as well.

Moreover, it will become important to carry floss pick and travel toothbrush every time along with you no matter wherever you are going. Putting on braces is the clear indication that you have to brush the teeth immediately after consuming anything at any place.


On the other hand, the Invisalign is fully removable. So at the time of eating, just pop out the aligners and enjoy your plate fully. You have to do the same thing with your aligner during flossing and brushing as well. You should maintain oral hygiene despite of the braces type you opt for. But it becomes crucial while you are going with traditional metallic braces.

Oral Hygiene

With braces it is obvious that you have to encounter a number of oral problems like demineralization, gingivitis, tartar build up and bad breath. When food stuck in-between the teeth and stayed there for a long period of time starts causing demineralization. On joining with the mouth bacteria they start releasing acid which absorbs phosphate and calcium of the teeth leaving a white scar behind.

On removing the braces you will notice there is an impression of white square scars in brackets shape. You should know that neither braces lead to staining, nor bad oral care causes demineralization; it is caused by traditional braces. That’s why one should maintain outstanding oral hygiene.

If it seems impossible then go for Invisalign by visiting any top orthodontist specialised in Invisalign in UK. Only a specialised orthodontist can offer the best teeth straightening solution by assessing your dental health.

  1. Braces or Invisalign- Convenience and comfort

During considering both of the braces, you have to make the choice smartly depending on both convenience and comfort. Interestingly both of the braces equip with respective sets of adjustments. Let’s have a detailed look at what they are offering as comfort and convenience.


You need some time to get adapted with the braces. Pain will be there during talking, drinking and easting with the metallic braces inside your mouth as well. On obtaining the braces for the very first time, the cheeks will get reddish and bruised. You will feel soreness in your mouth due to metal. Sometimes wax is provided by the orthodontist for smoothing out the pokey spots.

Eventually you will feel much better with the wires too. But it comes with a bunch of dietary restrictions which you have to follow strictly. You have to avoid biting an apple, chewy foods such as caramel, sticks and nuts, hard candies, popcorns and chewing gums.

Each time you visit your orthodontist, prepare yourself to experience sore for a few days afterwards. For persisting pain it is necessary to take immediate painkillers to get relief from excruciating pain.


There isn’t any sort of dietary restriction with Invisalign. Simply it is because of its removal features which can be practised at the time of drinking and eating. Moreover, you have to continue brushing and flossing which must be finished prior to put on the aligners. It is essential to remove the aligners before every meal and beverages you take except water.

Otherwise the aligners’ adhesive may get stained from the foods, coffee, dark drinks and cigarettes. With clear aligner, a new set of Invisalign is offered to the patient once in every two weeks. For the first couple of days you will experience pain to get adapted with the aligner. Later it will become comfortable as usual. To know the best Invisalign cost near me in London, find online.

  1. Braces or Invisalign- Aesthetics

Another key distinguish between the braces and Invisalign is the appearance. Traditional braces comprise of large metallic brackets and wires. However, these days the brackets become small and you can obtain the transparent one instead of the metallic ones. But interestingly, these braces are invisible completely in contrary to that of the metallic ones.

They are only visible when someone is close to it and still today it is not so distinctive from a distance. As it is removable it can be taken off easily during any snapshot or attending ceremony. However, you have to ensure that it is there in your mouth for long 20-22 hours every day to obtain best result in shorter period of time.

  1. Technical differentiation within Invisalign and Braces

A number of orthodontic problems can get corrected with the help of the traditional braces. It works efficiently on vertically misaligned and rotated teeth along with underbites and overbites. You have to visit the orthodontist every week for aligning the braces. Moreover with braces, no specific time period is there to determine how long you should put them on your teeth.

Actually it completely relies on your teeth’s condition. Sometimes you might have to wear it for 1-3 years in the long run. On the other hand, Invisalign works great only for horizontal misaligned teeth. It has nothing to do with varied-heighted, overcrowded or badly rotated teeth. With clear aligner, you have to sparsely visit the orthodontist; a gap of every 6-month is widely preferred!

Generally, people have to survive with 18-month to obtain a straight and perfect smile. As it comes with removing facility, you may get tempted to put it off from your mouth for a long period of time. In such cases, a hindrance can be observed in the treatment procedure prolonging the time period to wear the braces at the same time.

A lot of other aspects are also there to consider prior to decide whether to go for braces or Invisalign. In case, you are already inclined to clear aligners then look for a ‘reliable clinic of ‘’Invisalign near me’ online.

By doing so, you can find the best clinic in the city to visit and treat your orthodontic condition with Invisalign. This will let you acquire a beautiful straight smile within a short span of time.


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