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Shared Hosting 101: Everything Beginners Need to Know

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Shared Hosting: An Overview

Reasons to Choose Shared Hosting

Features of Shared Hosting

Who can benefit from shared hosting?

Individuals who are looking forward to establishing a digital footprint are likely to become disoriented when coding, web servers, web files, and affordable web hosting come into the picture. Certainly, programming has its unique language, but do not let it scare you away from understanding how things stand. 

Whereas web hosting is a cornerstone of every website, it might look very complicated, specifically if you do not have any background knowledge or familiarity with web servers, domains, bandwidth, and every other technical term. 

Even though several web hosting solutions are available, shared hosting is the common choice of a majority of people when they’re planning to launch their first website. Moreover, as a beginner to shared web hosting, you could find it a bit complicated. 

To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled this beginner’s guide covering all the aspects of shared hosting, its features, and who can benefit from it. It’ll provide you with helpful insights about shared hosting and cpanel web hosting, which you can utilize when making an informed decision regarding web hosting. 

Shared Hosting: An Overview

Shared hosting is a category of web hosting where several websites or domains share the same physical server. Apart from shared server space, all the sites residing on the server also share common assets like disk space, bandwidth, and memory with other users. 

This configuration authorizes web hosting services to provide cheap shared hosting plans because a large number of users divide the cost of keeping a server. 

One of the major benefits of having shared hosting is that it requires zero to very little technical expertise, as the web host is responsible for server maintenance. Even though shared hosting usually serves fundamental features and customer support, many packages offer additional features such as website builders, email accounts, and templates to assist newcomers.

Shared hosting plans are ideal for startups, new blogs, small business websites, and other websites with low traffic that don’t need a lot of resources.

Reasons to Choose Shared Hosting

If you’re on a tight budget and require everything to be set up quickly, shared web hosting is the perfect choice for you. It is a lot cheaper than other website hosting services and helps you find a digital home for your website at a minimum cost. 

The leading benefits of choosing shared hosting are


With shared hosting, as users share hosting space with more than one user, it is a budget-friendly option that provides a clear and concise way to get started. In the current extremely competitive web hosting industry, you can effortlessly find a shared web hosting plan for yourself. 

Thus, after considering all the determining features, you can purchase this economical hosting plan that offers great value for money.


With shared hosting, you’re being offered all the required resources for controlling a website. Your hosting provider will manage your bandwidth and memory needs. Despite that, your website will also get the required resources to keep it up and running smoothly at lightning speed.

Indeed, it predominantly depends on the shared hosting provider and the hosting plan you choose. 


As stated earlier, shared web hosting is a clear and simple way to go online. Its control panel is easy to use, as it offers a simplified user interface to control your website. This consequently helps manage administrative responsibilities and monitoring tasks related to the server. 


If you’ve got a new or small website with less traffic, you can kick off with shared hosting and upgrade without any disruption as your website starts to grow. 

Built-in Control Panel

With shared hosting, you can effortlessly manage resources, software installations, applications, and much more with the built-in control panel offered by your hosting provider. Its graphical interface makes it easy to use to manage DNS settings, email settings, and much more seamlessly. 

You’ll get a cPanel with a Linux server and a Plesk with a Windows server. 

The Most Prominent Features of Shared Hosting

The hosting landscape can be fascinating, but fortunately, the potentialities are as infinite as the stars up in the sky. Here are some of the most prominent features of shared hosting:

Disk Space

Disk space is the maximmal amount of data that a disk or a storage drive can hold. All types of hosting plans provide a defined band of disk space that users can use to store their web files. 

Be cautious of shared hosting companies that guarantee “unlimited” storage space. These often come with clauses, such as receiving ample storage space within the allowable limits. 

It’s always better to evaluate the storage requirements of your website before selecting a web hosting plan. If it’s difficult for you to determine your storage needs right now, then strive for expansion by selecting a hosting provider that authorizes you to purchase additional disk space. 


Bandwidth evaluates the maximum amount of data you can transmit, and it is an important point to consider if you want your site to load faster. Compare the bandwidth with a tunnel; the broader it is, the more data it can transfer. 

Shared hosting providers offer a limited amount of bandwidth per month. You can calculate the bandwidth you require by analyzing the size and traffic of your website. Similar to disk space, larger bandwidth costs an arm and a leg.

Again, be cautious of hosting providers guaranteeing “unlimited bandwidths.” Physical restrictions usually limit speed, making it unattainable. 


In shared hosting, uptime means the time your website is accessible to visitors; therefore, when looking for shared hosting providers, opt for the companies that provide uptimes over 99.9% and downtimes to a minimum.


Another prominent feature of shared hosting worth considering before choosing a hosting provider is security. Although shared hosting can be safe, there are still possible security risks because several websites are residing on the same physical server. And if any website gets compromised, neighboring websites on a similar server are at risk. 

But having said that, using appropriate safety measures, it can be made secure.

Technical Support

Another important aspect to consider before choosing a shared hosting package is technical support. As a website owner, you’ll need someone’s help to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Just imagine how annoying it would be if your website broke down and there was no one to help you. Therefore, opt for a hosting provider so you can easily be reached without any friction.

The technical support team must be available 24*7 through different channels like email, phone, live chat, and ticket. There should not be long wait times, and the team member should resolve your issues immediately.

Who can benefit from shared hosting?

Small business websites, startups, or personal websites with restricted budgets can benefit from shared hosting. In other words, if you’re on a budget and don’t need advanced functionalities or considerable server resources, shared hosting is the best option. 

You can establish your digital footprint without breaking the bank. This hosting is also suitable for non-technical users.


To sum up this, we can say that shared web hosting is the best choice for small and medium-sized businesses. It’ll offer numerous features to you at a very low cost, which makes it the most economical hosting available nowadays.

You’ll also get all the required tools to get your site up and running. Although certain resources have limitations, these things come into the picture when you begin considering limits on your plan. 

But if these points don’t impact your website, then sign up for the plan. If you still have queries regarding shared hosting plans, reach out to MilesWeb today, and our experts will be happy to help you!


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