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The top 8 audio recording applications for iOS, Android

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Are you looking for the finest audio recording applications for your iOS or Android device? Then, you have landed at the right place because we have something in store for you. Read on to solve the mystery of hidden gem apps that could make your mundane tasks simpler and easier.

Why do you need an audio recording app for your smartphone?

Gone are the days when one needed to buy a separate audio recorder for taping their unique musical ideas, or for long-hour lectures, informative interviews, podcasting, or many other tasks.

Now we are living in the 21st century with advanced smartphones and innovative tech applications like audio recording that give full hand control over all voice recordings. These apps offer a wide range of versatile features via their basic and premium plans. 

You can seamlessly record your voice or someone else’s, mix and match with your other playlists or tracks using the soundboard apps, and share or transfer it with anyone using it. It’s just that they support multiple audio formats, so you no longer need to compromise on quality.

Let’s dive into the pool of fully-fledged audio recording applications for your iOS and Android devices that will let you record from the sound of the nearby speakers to the panting sounds while racing marathons, eliminating the task of hand-written notes, and boosting your productivity level in no time. 

Best Audio Recording Applications for both iPhone and Android

Voice Recorder & Memos Pro

One of the most competent audio recording applications for the iPhone and Android, Voice Recorder & Memos Pro, is developed by Linfei Ltd. and offers you a bundle of power-packed features for normal to professional audio recordings and lets you do your work more effectively. 

Supported by Apple’s multiple devices, including the iPhone, iWatch, and iPad, the app coherently lets you record and play your recordings with maximum noise reduction, edit them with additional background music or funny effects, and further organize them within distinct folders. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are its other key features to look at:

  • Advanced audio editing features include cropping, adjusting volume, pitch, and speed, mixing and merging different audios, splitting them, adding markers, and many more.
  • Protect your recordings with a passcode.
  • Delete audio blanks in a flash of time.
  • Share recordings via major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.
  • Provides cloud storage support, such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. OneDrive, SoundCloud, and others
  • Supports all major audio formats, such as MP4, WAV, AAC, AIFC, and AIFF.
  • Offers a voice-activated recording mode that lets you automatically record audio at a specified decibel and stops when it goes below that.

Available On: iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Pricing: Available in both free and paid versions. The pro subscription comes at a price of $99.99 yearly and $12.99 monthly.

Dolby On: Record Audio and Video

Dolby On is the next-best free professional audio recording app for the iPhone and Android. Developed by Dolby Laboratories, the app lets you effortlessly record and edit high-definition voice, live music, or video with their cutting-edge technology such as noise reduction, EQ, spatial audio, and many more.

After all the editing with their advanced editing features, when you feel like sharing your final piece of audio, you can do that via different social media channels, directly send it to the collaborators, or even live stream it right to the Facebook audience and get mesmerizing responses from the audience. Overall, it is a single-go-to tool for both your audio and video recording and editing. 

Here are its other key features to look at:

  • Optimize your audio quality with Dolby’s unique dynamic EQ, se-easing, spatial audio for enhancing tone and space, stereo widening, volume maximization, and noise reduction.
  • Share your final creations immediately on Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud.
  • Give your sound a unique, boasting touch with their powerful sound editing features, including animated cover art, support for an external mic, sound presets, studio audio effects, and much more.
  • Compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. 

Available On: iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Pricing: Avail all its features at no cost.

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Transform your smartphone into a fully-fledged voice recording device with just a single tap using Voice Recorder & Audio Editor, another excellent audio recording app for iPhone and Android. 

Developed by TapMedia Ltd., the app allows you to record unlimited voices with no length restrictions and transfer them using a USB cable or WiFi Sync to your personal desktop.

Here are its other key features to look at:

  • In addition to voice, music, or any external sound, you can record incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Instantly start and stop recording from your home screen.
  • Share your audio via different social media platforms, including Snapchat, Twitter, or YouTube, and other means such as email or messages.
  • It comes with advanced features such as adjusting playback speed, passcode protection, looping and trimming recordings, supporting multiple audio formats, and much more.
  • Supper for cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, and others. 

Available On: iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Pricing: Even though the app is free to use, it offers premium features such as text notes or transcribed recordings at in-app purchases.

Best Audio Recording Applications for iPhone only

Microphone Voice Recorder Pro

The Microphone Voice Recorder Pro is another great-quality audio recording app for iPhone users that lets you record vocals and podcasts with in-built mic emulations from bottom, front, or rear and gives you full-blown studio feels. 

The app is filled with rich features such as the ability to hear your own voice while recording, noise cancellation in real-time, unlimited high-quality recordings, cool audio effects, and much more. This is just the start.

Here are its other key features to look at:

  • You can record up to 10 tracks at the same time.
  • Remove unwanted overtones with the pop filter.
  • You can take demos of all the tracks.
  • It gives a red alert if the audio signal visualization is too loud.
  • Add any sound directly from your iTune library.
  • Fast-pace editing, and save them for later use.
  • Mix and match different volumes and boost them two times.
  • An additional knowledge guide is provided within the app to help users explore all the other functional aspects of the application. 

Available On: iPhone, and iPad.

Pricing: The app is free to use. However, you can access its pro features like a premium microphone and recorder, a dictaphone, and a voice amp with in-app purchases.

Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD

Developed by LiveBird Technologies, the Voice Recorder Lite app stands true with its top-notch functionalities and falls among the best picks of our audio recording apps for iPhone. Using this, you can seamlessly record high-definition audio, playback, and edit whenever and wherever you want. 

Whether you want to record your large lectures, office meetings, or any other event within 10-100 meters of an area with cutting-edge noise reduction technology, the Voice Recorder Lite is the go-to app for all your recordings.

Here are its potential features to look at:

  • Record audio at low, medium, or high frequencies from 8 kHz to 44.1 kHz.
  • Supports multiple formats, including WAV, CAF, and M4A.
  • Compatible with external O/P devices such as Bluetooth and external speakers.
  • Share audio recordings via multiple means, such as email, Airdrop, iTunes, Dropbox, and iCloud.
  • It works seamlessly with both iPhone and iPad devices.

Available On: iPhone, and iPad.

Pricing: Avail all its features at no cost.

Audio Recorder HD & Voice Memo

Developed by Q River, Audio Recorder HD & Voice Memo is another excellent audio recording application designed specifically for iPhone and iPad devices. With its user-friendly interface, the app makes it simpler for users to jot down recording notes for their meetings, events, or any music-related purpose.

It boasts robust features such as recording audio in different sound formats, storing the resultant files in cloud-based storage services like Box.Net, MyDisk, WebDAV, FTP, and much more.

Here are its other key features to look at:

  • Manage and organize all your recordings within folders.
  • Adjust your audio. Play at a slow, medium, or fast pace.
  • Upload, import, export, or download all your recordings from or to different clouds.
  • Email multiple recordings at the same time.
  • Support all widely used audio formats, including WAV, AAC, MP4, CAF, MP3, and more.
  • Unlimited time-set recordings at normal to high-definition quality. 

Available On: iPhone, and iPad.

Pricing: Although the app is free to use, you can unlock all its premium features with in-app purchases.

Best Audio Recording Applications for Android only

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is one of the best audio recording apps for Android devices. With 50 million downloads, it is your go-to companion app for recording crucial day-to-day life moments. The app is carefully designed to keep everyone’s needs in mind. So, whether you are a student who wants to record important lectures at high quality, a businessman who wants to capture meeting notes from their phone, tablet, or smartwatch, or a musician who wants to record melodies and fine-tune them, this single app is a one-stop solution for all of you. 

Here are its other key features to look at:

  • Offers a simple and playful, user-friendly interface.
  • Record everything from class notes to meetings to songs to anything via this app.
  • Review all your recordings in one place with just one tap.
  • Keep all your files organized in folders and share them with your loved ones.
  • You can even record things without opening the app.
  • It comes with in-built light theme options so that your eyes can remain stress-free.
  • Compatible with phones and different tablet devices. 

Available On: phones, and tablets.

Pricing: The app is free to use. However, the in-app purchases give you an ad-free experience, in case you want to. 

Otter: Transcribe voice notes

Otter is another outstanding audio-recording app for Android that lets you record writing notes, audio, day-to-day life conversations, lectures, meetings, and generating transcriptions all by itself with the assistance of artificial intelligence. So, you can get automated records for your Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Team meetings and later access them easily with their search feature. 

Here are its other key features to look at:

  • Jot down everything automatically and help everyone stay in sync anytime.
  • Record and transcribe lectures, podcasts, interviews, meetings, webinars, or any audio in real-time.
  • Import audio via Bluetooth or I/P voice via the in-built mic.
  • Highlight all the key points and automatically capture slides.
  • With a single tap, assign action items to different team members.
  • Auto-sync your calendar with the app to get meeting notes. 

Available On: Android phones.

Pricing: The app is free to use. However, there are in-app purchases.


So, that is all about the best audio recording applications for iOS and Android devices. We have shared our best picks with you, including both free and premium versions. Moreover, if you are keen on finding your favorite one, then we would say it all depends on your needs. For instance,

  • the device that you are looking for,
  • ready to invest in an ad-free subscription,
  • the amount of storage,
  • additional features such as sharing platforms, advanced tech features like speech-to-text, and many more

So, analyze your needs first, then choose from the options that go with them. I hope you found our blog informative!


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