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Why You Should Embed Facebook Feed – Benefits And Features

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How about using the most popular social media platform to your benefit without spending extra cost? Seems interesting and worthy? Want to know how? Then you are at the right place. Facebook is the king of all social media platforms; it is one of the oldest and most popular social media networks. One of the main reasons Facebook stands out as the most amazing platform is because of its constant support towards users and business pages. There is no doubt that Facebook provides a perfect platform for marketers to promote their business and product. They even embed Facebook feed on their website to gather more visitors and customers for their business.

The strategy has turned out to be effective and efficient as they deliver great results.

In this blog, we will be discussing some great benefits and features of embedding Facebook feed on your website, as it is currently the best marketing strategy as it helps to gain reputation and enhances sales.

Let us start from the basics.

What are Facebook feeds?

Before understanding the various benefits and feature of Facebook feeds, lets start with knowing about Facebook feeds.

Whenever you log in to your Facebook account, the first thing you see on your screen is Facebook feeds, which consists of various posts and content posted by your connections. 

In simple words, Facebook feed displays the various user-generated content that comes in various forms like a blog, image, short videos, long-duration videos, reviews etc.

Facebook users are filled with creativity, and Facebook provides various feature showcase creativity. Hence, it makes the Facebook feed vibrant and pleasing to the eyes.

You can utilise this vibrancy to your benefit by embedding Facebook feeds on your website. Many social media aggregator tools are readily available in the market that helps you easily embed Facebook feeds. 

Now, let us take a deep dive into the topic and understand the benefits of using this marketing strategy.

Amazing Benefits of Embed Facebook Feed That You Don’t Know:

1. Increases user engagement

User engagement is a must for a business or a website. The Facebook feed provides various content that can help you to increase your user engagement, as it provides a wide range of content for your website.

Users posts images with the product or upload a detailed video describing the product and providing feedback. All these contents attract visitors’ attention and spark an interest in their minds. Hence, it increases the chance to attain more sales for your business.

2. Enhances vibrancy

Facebook provides the feature to posts both text and visual-based content. Nowadays, the users’ visual-based content is highly preferred, as it remains fresh in mind, provides more engagement, and looks pleasing to the eyes. 

People usually avoid visiting the websites that are dull and flat as they fail to create an impression. As people move towards online purchases and online stores, creating an impression has become necessary for the brands. You can achieve this feat as embedded Facebook feeds make your website lively and vibrant and also helps you in creating a good impression on your visitors. 

3. Increases website traffic

One of the most important aspects for businesses is to gather the crowd. And in this age of the internet where people are making a huge shift towards online shopping. It becomes important to have healthy traffic on the website to generate revenue through sales.

By embedding Facebook feeds on your website, you make your website engaging and vibrate, which generates an urge for people to visit your website and enhance their browsing experience. It also helps to get a better searching engine ranking that enhances your brand recognition.

4. Boosts User Generated Content

User-generated content is marketing gold. UGC helps to generate brand awareness and increases the social media reach of the business. You can boost UGC and extract maximum benefit from it by embedding Facebook feed on your website.

A user feels valued when you display his content on your website. It motivates him and others to create more content related to your brand to get a regular feature on the website. 

5. Helps in conversion

Facebook feeds provide social proof to your potential customers and helps in their buying decisions. A potential customer always looks for social proofs and gathers as much information as possible before making any purchase. The Facebook feeds provide him with all needed details and public opinion without exiting the screen, and therefore it helps convert your potential customers into customers.

When you display the user review and content on the website, the user feels respected. It increases your reputation and helps you in converting your customers into loyal customers.

Wondereful Features of Embed Facebook Feed:

1. Moderation

Facebook provides freedom to its users to share their opinion on the platform. But often, people misuse this freedom and share abusive or irrelevant posts. By using social media aggregator tool to embed Facebook feed, you can moderate the content and filter out all unwanted and spam content. And keep your feed related to your business only. It also allows you to use a profanity filter, which helps you block posts having selected keywords and block all the posts from selected social media accounts. 

2. Customisation

You can also customise your feed and make it look appealing to the visitor. The tool provides you with various options to personalise your feed. You can change font style, font size, background, and colour and choose different layout and templates.

3. Compatibility

As mentioned above, Facebook provides a wide range of content that consists of different medium. The tool is compatible with all kinds of format. The embedded Facebook feed can display images, stream videos, showcase GIFs etc. 

4. Regular updates

The feed provides a regular content update; you don’t have to worry about manually refreshing the feed to get all the latest content. It saves your time and reduces your burden.

5. Coding free

The tool helps you to embed Facebook feeds on your website with ease. You just have to copy the code and paste it on your website’s backend. You don’t need any coding knowledge or experience, and you don’t even require hiring any developer to run or install the feed.


Facebook is an impactful social media platform; if you use this platform smartly and strategically, you can generate a strong customer base for your business. You can adopt many marketing strategies to extract the benefits out of this social media giant. Embedding Facebook feeds on the website is a smart move to enhance brand awareness and attain more sales.


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