Why You Need a Content Writer (And How Content Writing Can Grow Your Business)

Content Writer

Start-ups often fall into the trap of thinking “customers should love your business, not your products”. To shift the way of thinking from product-centred to customer-centred, where customer leads will naturally follow, consider the following:

#1 Content is the New Currency

– Content has overtaken social media as the #1 type of marketing material, hands down.

– 90% of B2B companies say their content is a critical part of their marketing strategy.

– Almost half of marketers say that “good quality content is the #1 factor that leads to customer engagement.

– Companies with high-quality content experience nearly 2 times more leads over companies with poor content quality.

– Companies that produce high-quality content see an increase in their average website lead generation by 23%.

– 86% of executives say that buyers want their companies to deliver content around the products and services that they purchase.

– 5.3 trillion hours of content is consumed online each year.

– 4.6 million blog posts are published each year.

– Companies that include video in their content marketing strategy experience 55% more traffic, get 12% more leads, and achieve 37% more conversions than those who do not use video content.

– 90% of buyers trust videos more than text when it comes to learning about a business or brand.

#2 Content Can Grow Your Business

– Content marketing has a high return on investment:

– 77% of B2B organizations that produce content marketing programs report that content marketing has a positive impact on revenue.

– Content marketing offers a higher ROI than social media, PPC, pay-per-click, and email marketing.

– 82% of B2B companies that use content marketing say that it has a positive ROI.

Content marketing costs 61% less on average than traditional marketing techniques.

– 93% of B2B marketers say that quality content brings them more qualified leads than any other type of content.

#3 Content Writing Attracts Customers (or not)

– If your piece isn’t compelling enough to convince your audience to take the next action, then it’s useless.

– The average Google search result will only capture the attention of people for 8 seconds.

– Videos receive 94% of all shareable content views on Facebook.

– 66% of people want to know more about a business after reading a blog post.

– 85% of people form an opinion about a company’s products or services within the first 90 seconds of visiting a website.

Think about the content you are putting out right now. Is it working to frow your business?

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