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2 successful Search Engine Marketing platforms

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Search engines allow publishing ads on their foreparts. Eventually, Ads appear whenever internet visitors search for a query on the search engines. Therefore, posting business-related ads is favorable to showcase the services and products in a viable way directly to the users. For the same reason, search engine advertising is in fashion. Let us introduce the profitable Search Engine Marketing platforms that you can employ for your business.


Google is in use in almost all countries of the world for searching. Further, it is accessible on all-inclusive devices easily; desktops, mobiles, tablets, etc. Eventually, you can stay connected and make your brand approachable to all-device users. 

Google Ads

It provides Search Engine Marketing (PPC Advertising). Google receives billions of searches daily. Due to this expanded recognition, Google Ads facilitates robust business marketing as a person will be watching these ads even if searching for a concept. This phenomenon triggers the audience’s interest in purchasing.

Benefits include qualified leads generation and about a 3.75% conversion rate. You can even track your advertising campaigns.

Navicosoft is an expert in developing and directing effective google ads related to your niche.


Although Google is one of the most widely used entities worldwide, many people still have access to other search engines. Moreover, Bing has also joined hands with Yahoo and MSN and displays its ads on them.

Bing Ads 

Therefore, you get the option to target the new potential customers that you cannot access with Google. Bing ads provide a median lead drawing rate, and the conversion rate for the ads is about 2.94%.

Should you be using these platforms?

You already know it is necessary to be in front of customers to let them know that you exist. What is it that you provide and what you work to develop their interest in your offered facilities? Whichever one of the SEM Services platforms you decide to go to, Navicosoft provides services equally viable for Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Thus, without any delays, publish your business and brand ads on Google and Bing by signing up with Navicosoft. Ultimately, get ready to enhance your leads and conversions and hence revenue generation. 


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