7 Benefits Of Using Social Media Aggregator To Brands

benefits of social feed aggregator

Social media is the growing arena for marketing and promoting brands with target audiences. These platforms are offering huge opportunities to businesses in reaching their potential customers. Recently, social media marketing has changed its shape from traditional promotional methods and now it’s reaching web platforms where brands are embedding social media posts onto their website using Social media aggregator. 

Instead of creating ads for television, newspapers, or magazines, brands are creating promotional ads out of social media networks and retrieve marketing benefits by placing interesting social media content on their brand or business website. 

Social Media Aggregator introduced as a powerful tool for the marketers that help them improve marketing and promotions of their brand & products. 

What Is a Social Media Aggregator?

Many people get confused and don’t know what a social media aggregator is. They don’t know how to use it in their business and for promotional purposes. 

So to give you a clear understanding, Social aggregator is a tool that collects and curates social media content or posts like images, videos, etc. from social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media channels. 

These aggregators help you to collect social media content that include a hashtag, mentions, tags, keywords, handle, page URL, or social media posts from the particular social profile. 

Not only social aggregators help in collecting relevant social media posts from the social channels, but they also provide features that help in embedding aggregated social media posts into websites with a contemporary style. 

Benefits Of Social Media Aggregator

In recent marketing trends, social media posts on websites are increasingly popular among brands and marketers. Marketers are aggressively using social media posts on their website, to stand out from the competitors and keep their marketing strategies updated. 

Check below how a social media feed aggregator is helpful for your business and how they boost marketing campaigns exponentially. 

1. Cost and Time Efficient

Social media aggregator is a pocket-friendly tool as compared to other marketing tools or software available in the market. 

With the help of a social content aggregator, marketers can collect multiple social media feeds from multiple social media channels in a single click. 

It will save tons of time for marketers that they invest in collecting one post at a time. Also, brands can collect a plethora of unique and creative content from multiple social media for free. Moreover, brands can save their time & money as they don’t need to create engaging content to put on their website every time. 

2. Increase Traffic On Website

Brands and marketers can attract traffic to their websites by embedding social media content. People find social media posts unique and engaging, which attracts traffic on websites. 

Leveraging social media posts from different platforms allows wide increases high opportunities for a wide audience to come to your website. 

3. Retrieve Unique Content On Website

The Social aggregator collects unique content from various social media channels. As millions of posts are uploaded on social media daily, you have a huge opportunity to collect diverse social media content which is unique also to upload on your website. 

4. Automatically Collects & Update Real-Time Social Media Content

Another benefit of using a social feed aggregator is that they will collect social media posts automatically in real-time. You don’t need to manually perform the collection of social media posts every time a new content update. 

A Social aggregator will automatically update your collected social media content in frequent time duration or as new posts uploaded on social media. 

5. Help In Increasing Audience Engagement 

Marketers can use a social media aggregator to collect alluring social media posts and insert them into websites to provide engaging content to their customers. 

Social media content like hashtag feeds, User-generated content, tweets, videos, and others are powerful content that increases audience engagement on your website. 

6. Collects User-Generated Content

As a trending social media marketing strategy a Social aggregator is used by brands and businesses to collect their users’ created content on social media all in a unified place. 

As your customers are using a diverse range of social media channels to show off the products they have purchased. They are creating content by themselves in which they promote a brand or product by using branded hashtags, tags, or the official handle of the brand on social media. With this brands can create widgets for all social media platforms such as a Facebook widget, Twitter widget, etc,.

Hence with the help of social media aggregators, brands can easily collect such user-generated content and utilize it in their marketing campaigns.

7. Build Social Proof & Brand Trust

Last but not the least, these aggregators are proving to be a virtue in marketing as it is benefiting brands and businesses to build social proof. 

As customers these days cannot believe in brand-created content only, they want to see what real-life people or their friends are talking about the product or brand. 

Hence, with the help of social media aggregators, brands can collect social media posts or UGC which is unbiased content created by real people without any sponsorship of the brand. 


If you want to grow your brand in this tough competition, you need to work on your marketing strategy that is powerful enough to build a strong customer base and earn their faith. 

However, with traditional marketing techniques, it is not possible. Thus, you need a powerful Social media marketing strategy to grow your brand website into a robust storefront. It instantly gains your customer trust and brings huge sales by strategically using social media posts onto your website. 

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