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Top 5 Upcoming Festivals in Australia 2024

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Australia is fun not only for tourists but also for students; furthermore, it has events and festivals taking place throughout the year. The country is famous for its multicultural scene, wildlife, natural beauty, and many other entertainments. By now, you must have seen how much the Aussies love to party and hang out, attend festivals, and enjoy their drinks. 

While you stay in Australia, you shouldn’t miss out on the fun things locals do to make the best of enjoying life to the fullest. Moreover, what better way to enjoy than exploring and experiencing some of the best festivals in Australia? Additionally, whether you study in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, or any part of the country, there’s never a shortage of festivals to attend!

Some of the popular and best festivals celebrated in Australia are Melbourne International Comedy Festival, ParrtjimaAdelaide Festival, Woodford Folk Festival,  Byron Bay Bluesfest, and Melbourne International Arts Festival.

And, if your Student Accommodation Perth, Melbourne or Sydney or any part of Australia, you can visit these upcoming festivals in Australia 2024:

Splendour in the Grass

It is a yearly music festival that attracts many tourists, residents, and students in Australia. This festival takes place in North Byron Parklands, near Byron Bay, New South Wales. It occurs in July every year. If you love music, then you can visit this music festival as there are many bands and artists covering various genres such as indie, rock, electronic, and many others. To get more detailed information on this upcoming music festival, you should visit their official website and book your tickets early!


Festival X started in 2009 and has been a successful festival. Today, it is one of the biggest festivals in Australia and New Zealand. It is celebrated annually, and the event is held in a few cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. If your accommodation is in Perth or anywhere close to the other cities in Australia, you can always plan your day for the festival. Many musicians and artists will perform for music lovers! If you want the latest information on this festival, please visit their official website.

Canberra Beer & Cider Festival

The Mercure Canberra in Brandon hosts a yearly drinking festival in March that offers over 40 local exhibitors. Firstly, the event takes place from 11 am to 6 pm, providing plenty of time for you to explore and savor the drinks and food. Additionally, notable brewing companies like Mountain Goat, Sydney Brewery, Bucketty’s Brewery, Thirsty Devil Brewery, and many others produce about 250 crafted beers, spirits, and cider. Alongside the diverse beverage options, you can enjoy live bands, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, the festival comes alive with spectacular fireworks and musical acts, enhancing the overall experience. Lastly, for more information on their upcoming festival in 2024, be sure to visit their official website.

Wild Harvest Seafood Festival

The festival is hosted to celebrate the traditions and culture of the Mallacoota community. It is held in April in Victoria. It is about the way it has always cherished its love for the vast ocean and sea life. If you are interested in sea life, you can watch the mysteries of the sea at this festival. There are market stalls that will offer mouthwatering seafood from local produce. Along with the food, you can enjoy live music, spend time connecting with the community and their culture, and have an experience of the best festival in town. Some activities will take place at the festival.

Perth Good Food & Wine Show

Kleenheat presents the Good Food & Wine Show. Perth and a few other cities in Australia host an annual event. If you are in the town and your student housing in Perth is close to this location, it is one of the best festivals in Australia to enjoy food and wine. There will be a celebration of food and wine with activities, exhibitions, etc. You can explore the exhibitor zone, see celebrity chef appearances, watch masterclasses, etc. Enjoy a fantastic day out with friends and wander through the show. 

If you want to visit some of the popular spring festivals in Australia, the Adelaide Festival, Sydney Mardi Gras, Byron Bay Bluesfest, and Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Some of the best winter festivals in Australia are the Vivid Sydney Winter Festival and the Woodfork Folk Festival.

Tips to stay safe while attending festivals:

It’s important to have fun while you are young and to take a break from your studies. But remember to take safety measures while you are attending festivals and events. Always keep your safety, well-being, and those around you.

  • Hydrate
  • Clothing and Footwear
  • Secure Your Belongings
  • Be Cautious with Substances
  • Stay Aware
  • Charge Your Phone

We hope this blog has been helpful in finding the latest and upcoming best festivals in Australia. These are only the top 5 listed in this blog, but you can find more on official websites on the listing of the festivals celebrated in many cities in the country.


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