What is the cost of Living in Guelph for international student 

What is the cost of Living in Guelph for international student        

Guelph, one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, has emerged as one of the academic hubs for all international students over time. as a result, every year, students across the globe flock to this metropolis. The Canadian city of Guelph is situated in Southwest Ontario. The Royal City is located at the junction of highways 6,7 and 124 in Wellington County. It is around 22 km east of Kitchener and around 70 km west of downtown Toronto. Despite it serving as Wellington County’s administrative center, you can see some political freedom. 

Explore Guelph 

It is one beautiful location for nature enthusiasts to explore. The city is surrounded by a blend of undulating hills as well as different valleys. Thanks to the building of a sizable dam to the north of the city during the year 1970s. it is perfect for all individuals who like water-based sports in addition to visiting different conservation areas as well as natural preserves. Here you can find some of the best student accommodation Guelph. There are different kinds of amenities available with the accommodation which makes staying here much easier. 

Different universities in Guelph

In Guelph, you will find two esteemed universities across the city. Students from different parts of the world seek out the University of Guelph Humber for its courses in arts, sciences, agricultural, veterinary sciences as well and business. This university is recognized as one of the learner-focused, research-intensive institutions. 

The average monthly cost of living in this city is around CAD 1881. Although the cost can appear to some to be quite high at the very beginning. The city’s plethora of profitable career options allows one to easily make up for the daily expenses. The monthly pay range in Guelph is around CAD 3581. 

Student life in Guelph

The campus itself is quite enormous as well as lovely. Here you can find a wide range of greenery as well as trail hikes. Businesses, agriculture as well as animal science are among the university’s areas of expertise. Guelph is the place where you can find Canada’s best veterinary school. The institution lays great emphasis on research and it has different resources available for one. If you can find a suitable student housing Guelph, then your life will be sorted. 

What makes Guelph amazing? 

Guelph is one of the most amazing places to be. The company’s superintendent in Canada is a renowned Scottish novelist who has chosen Guelph as the location for the headquarters of their company. This is because this place is known for being the earliest planned town across the city. John Galt planned the settlement to draw settlers from different parts of the world.

Cost of living in Guelph for the Indian students 

The students who aspire to study and move to Guelph can refer to the following data so that they can get a comprehensive understanding of the average cost of living in the city and they can get scholarship as well

Average cost of rent as well as utilities in Guelph 

Indian students who want to move to Guelph can refer to the table below to go across the average cost of accommodation as well as utilities in the city. 

Room Types and Their Cost

  • One-bedroom apartment in the city center- CAD 1,075 per month 
  • One-bedroom apartment- CAD 1,051 per month 
  • Three-bedroom apartment in the city center- CAD 1,882 per month 
  • Three-bedroom apartment- CAD 1,557 per month 

Monthly utilities- CAD 93.8 per month 

Internet connection- CAD 53.6 per month 

Average cost of transportation in Guelph 

  • Local Transport Ticket Fee- CAD 2.28 per ride
  • Local Transport Monthly Ticket- CAD 60.9 (in a month) 
  • Taxi ride up to 8 Km- CAD 20.1
  • Gas/Petrol- CAD 1.08

Cost of Dining in Guelph

This amount can change as per your needs and necessities. If you learn how to cook or make your own cup of coffee then you can save your money. 

  • Average cost of dining in a restaurant- CAD 12 – CAD 30
  • Fast Food- CAD 8.88
  • Beer (pub)- CAD 5
  • Cappuccino- CAD 4
  • Beverages- CAD 2

Cost of grocery in Guelph which you need to keep in mind

  • Milk- 1 L- CAD 1.87
  • Bread- 0.5 Kg- CAD 2
  • Tomato- 1 Kg- CAD 3
  • Water- 1 L- CAD 1
  • Onion- 1 Kg- CAD 3
  • Eggs- 12- CAD 3
  • Rice- 1 Kg- CAD 2.5
  • Banana – 1 Kg- CAD 1.16
  • Cheese- 1 Kg- CAD 15
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