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List of Scholarship programs in Canada for International students   

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Pursuing higher education in Canada needs a lot of investment. The international students typically fund their higher education through student sponsorship Canada. However, many international students are unaware of the fact that there are different kinds of scholarships available which can alleviate some of the financial burden. Below are some of the universities with scholarships for international students in Canada. 

Different scholarships available for international students while studying in Canada. However, there are scholarships available for students based on different factors such as physically disabled, female students, and so on. You need to apply for some scholarships on your own and in some cases, the university will directly award you the scholarship based on your application. If you get the scholarship to study, then you can invest in a good student accommodation Vancouver

Scholarships available for the international students to study in Canada 

International students who want to pursuing his higher education in Canada they can apply for different funding and grants which are offered by the universities, government as well as non-governmental organizations. Below are some of the details of the scholarships available for international students. 

  • Canadian Government Scholarships: These are scholarships that are provided by the government to encourage students so that they can study in Canada. 
  • Non-government Scholarships: These are provided by different trusts, foundations as well as organizations so that one can pursue a specific course stream to encourage one to participate and develop in the same field. 
  • Institutional Scholarships: These are provided by universities in Canada to the students who want to pursue education with them particularly. 

The eligibility criteria for scholarships 

To get your hands on the scholarships in Canada as an international student, you need to ensure that you fulfill certain criteria. 

  • Academic excellence: Those who are applying for scholarships to study in Canada need to make sure that they have good academic scores as most of the scholarships are based on merit. 
  • Language proficiency: Non-English speaking students need to submit their IELTS score before applying for the scholarship. 
  • Extracurricular activities: Some of the scholarships in Canada consider the involvement of the students in volunteering and participating in extracurricular activities. This is generally the case with some stream-specific scholarships. 

Different scholarships provided by renowned universities in Canada 

Below mentioned are some of the best scholarship programs in Canada for international students. Let’s explore: 

University of Winnipeg: 

  • University of Winnipeg Manitoba Graduate Scheme- It is one of the agreements between the University of Winnipeg as well as the Province of Manitoba to offer students the right kind of scholarship to pursue their master’s related to research. 
  • University of Winnipeg Graduate Studies Scholarship: In this, the students are basically nominated by “Graduate Program Candidate” and the students who are into research-based or any other kind of master program can enroll. 
  • University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for World Leaders: This is for the students who are entering for the first time to study in this university. 

York University: 

  • Armand and Denise La Barge Graduate Scholarship in
    Multiculturalism: This scholarship is designed for those students who want to pursue a full-time master’s course. Preferences are provided to those whose work is related to human rights, cultural diversity, etc. 
  • Howard Daughtery International Graduate Award in Neotropical Conservation: This scholarship is provided to international students with masters/ doctoral. They should also do research related to neotropical conservation which is undertaken in the vicinity and it should also contribute towards meeting the goals of the Las Nubes Project. 
  • Joyce and Fred Zemans Scholarship: This will be for the full-time registered master’s students who have been admitted to York University. 

University of British Columbia: 

  • International Major Entrance Scholarship: This is provided to only the exceptional international students . Who enter the UBC so that they can pursue UG on a Canadian study permit. 
  • Outstanding international student award: It is a one-time merit-based award entrance scholarship.
  • International Tuition Award: It is made for international students in Canada who can enter the graduate program full-time. 

Other ways to fund your university education in Canada: 

Though the scholarships are helpful, they are not the only way to fund your higher education. Even if you do get a scholarship, you need to have money from other sources. As an international student, you should rely on student loans or lines of credit to fund your education. You can also qualify for student grants or bursaries which are provided by universities, colleges, and other organizations. Many international students select to work while studying to cover all their living expenses.

As an international student, enrolling into a university in Canada can be costly. But the government here provides the different with different kinds of scholarships to help them shape their future. 


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