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Is it better to study in London or outside London?

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study in London: Every year, a lot of students apply to different universities across the UK. Apart from considering the university rankings, the availability of the specialized field of work as well as the academic framework implemented, it is also essential to decide which place in the UK you would like to spend one of the most transformative phases of one’s academic life.

Academic standards in London

London is one of the desired destinations for all students across the globe for being a core of great academic standings. You can have a look at the pros and cons of the city which are based on the academic ranking.

Pros of study in London: London thrives with 45 universities as well as colleges that offer pupils a wide range of academic courses through MBA, Nursing, Accounting, and so on. These universities project a global reputation for all the path-breaking research, facilities, and also lofty placements. Studying at these universities is a dream for all the international students. You can also come across a wide range of private student accommodation in London too. 

Cons: Securing admission to all the highly esteemed universities is quite competitive. These universities request high academic standings with a vigorous statement of determination. Generally, prestigious universities only approve of A++ grade students. A prolonged preparation, as well as iron determination, can be the door to unfasten such kind of opportunities. 

Employment Prospects

With a wide range of opportunities available for students in London, studying in this beautiful city can help one in building different kinds of opportunities for professional growth. 

Pros of study in London: The capital city is known for being the economic hub and it is the place where one’s networking skills are developed. The students during the course of their study can gain one-year experience or go for a study program thus helping them in their careers. 

Cons: London doesn’t cater to the students but also to the professions. The students are expected to rely on their peers or classmates in order to easily build professional connections to achieve professional growth. 

London is a hub of cultural diversity

Pros: London is known for being a multicultural city that is known for having a rich historical background. Students studying in London can explore the city’s celebrated historic landmarks through the Tower of London, the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, and also different art galleries as well as theatres. The city is known to offer the students different kinds of carnivals as well as festivals across the year. You can check out the London Film Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, and also the Chelsea Flower Show. One can get exposure to engage yourself with the spirit of the city which can be really life-changing. You will see it in accommodation such as Moonraker Point London. 

Cons: London is known for being a busy city with a dense population. The environment over here is bustling which can be difficult to adjust. The crowded capital can approach a hasty lifestyle that can be a real challenge to adjust to. 

Studying outside London

  • Good academic standard: Not only London is known for offering the best education, but there are other cities too which offer the students with the right kind of education. Lancaster University, Leeds Beckett University, Loughborough University have been ranked as one of the top-notch universities. 
  • Cost of living lower: International students who are studying in the UK look for budget-friendly options. The regional cities are lower than London which helps one to manage their finances well. 
  • A blend of cultures: The capital city alone doesn’t have a diverse population. People who belong to distinct nationalities and cultures reside in such cities. The international students get an opportunity to interact with others who have come from different cultures.
  • Well-connected transportation: The regional cities were never busy. The students can easily walk to the campus whenever they want. Traveling across the city is less time-consuming. It takes about 25 minutes to travel from Nottingham to Leicester. Moreover, London is around 2 hours away from Birmingham. The transportation over here is well-connected and it enables the students to travel without any hassle. 
  • The quietness: Studying outside London means that you can explore the peace. You can be spellbound with the scenic beauty of the UK which is situated from the Lake District to the Scottish Highlands. Moreover, you can come across a wide range of amusements like hiking, cycling and so much more.


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