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Here is How You can Celebrate Holidays as a Mexican Expat

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Every Mexican expatriate wishes to be home with their loved ones every day, but this feeling intensifies even more when holidays are around the corner. After all, everyone wants to be around their loved ones to share happiness and have the best time on special occasions like Cinco de Mayo and Dia de Muertos.

When Mexican expatriates are unable to spend their holidays with their loved ones, they may feel depressed or guilty. Whether you are missing out on these moments due to work or education, you can always find a way to celebrate away from home.

Here is how you can make the best of every Mexican holiday away from home.

Send Meaningful Gifts

Many Mexican expatriates feel guilty about not being with their loved ones. The fear of missing out on beautiful moments can overtake the minds of any man when they are away from home. In such hard times, the best way to make your presence known in their life is by sending gifts.

Whether it is Dia de los Muertos or Christmas, sending money to Mexico has become easier than ever with platforms such as Western Union.

Schedule a Virtual Meeting

In this technology-driven world, being away from your loved ones has become a lot easier than ever before. Instead of relying on letters that may take months to reach Mexico, you can video call anyone through different platforms and feel closer to your loved ones.

Whether it is a birthday or a celebration for a special Mexican holiday, you can celebrate together over a video call with your family to forget about the distance for once.

Focus on Positive Things

It can be hard to keep your mind distracted by positive things when you are missing your loved ones from miles away.. Everything else can seem insignificant in such circumstances. It can be hard to keep yourself from missing Mexico and the people that matter the most to you, but you must keep your focus on better things.

Remember the reason you left your home  in the first place. It can help you feel relieved, and you can plan on visiting Mexico sometime soon.

Find Someone to Celebrate with

No matter where you are, you can always find a fellow Mexican  who shares your traditions and culture. While you may have to stay away from your family members, you can feel comforted by the presence of someone who understands Mexican holidays and traditions.

Being around the right people that make you feel closer to your home at such important times in life can cheer you up and take a bit of your sadness away by indulging you in traditional activities. You can also join online and in-person Mexican communities to be around more people who understand your feelings.

Cook Traditional Foods

Atraditional holiday is complete without traditional food. You cannot expect to go about your holiday without cooking a traditional Mexican meal such as Pozole and Tacos and enjoying it with your friends.

Taste is a strong element that can take you back to your home without traveling for hours. You can also call home to get directions for the preparation of the recipe and forget about your distance from home for a while. 


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