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Tips to Eliminate your HME / DME Prior Authorization Errors

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The process of prior authorization has always been complex and a speed bump for obtaining a seamless billing process. In fact, today seeing the present crisis situation, it is further getting even more challenging day by day. With the shifting insurance guidelines, introduction of new coders, shortage of authorization specialists, healthcare practices today’s has reached to the next level of authorization difficulties. This is why today many healthcare practices have made efforts to address the root cause of prior authorization at the most cost effective rate by outsourcing their HME/DME prior authorization operation.

Sunknowledge a dream destination for all HME/DME prior authorization crisis:

Providing an overall healthier revenue cycle, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been working continuously in putting together the tips and best practices in the industry with assured highest productivity metrics.

Evolved leaps and bounds as a DME prior authorization powerhouse, we today are known for the highest productivity metrics and a leading solution for all HME/ DME prior authorization challenges, and other billing challenges.

In fact today, we are proud of the fact that currently, we are servicing one of the largest DME Company’s in the country with annual revenue of $1.6 billion. With 100% prior authorization submission on the same day, we also have a track record of 99% of authorization approval rate till date.

  1. Being listed in leading DME/ HME prior authorization solutions with versatility and experience making bud uniquely capable of guaranteed cost-saving capabilities on a per transaction basis; our experts further
  2. Eliminates the potential for HME/DME delays and errors
  3. Work on improving the authorization outcome and increase the authorization are by 1.5-2x by working on seamless workflows
  4. Take care of all industry mandates, authorization regulations to payer rules.
  5. Manual review of prior auth requests and medical charts by clinicians etc

So partner with us, if you are looking to improve your HME/DME prior authorization, we are the perfect destination.


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