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Tips to Help You Get Rid of Burnt Taste From Your Vape Kit

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Vaping has become increasingly popular, especially among former smokers who still want to enjoy the nicotine sensation more safely. You will come across different vape pen designs from starter kits to mods and refillables. Starter kits are simple to use and don’t require too much attention. The chances of getting a burnt taste are also lower since most are built for single-use only.

With experience, you will need more powerful devices. Mods and refillables come with more power features and a tank. You are likelier to encounter the dreaded burnt taste when using refillable kits and mods. 

This unpleasant surprise will leave you wondering what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future.

The Common Suspects

If it is your first time experiencing a burnt taste while vaping, knowing what to look for and where to look can help you solve this issue fast. Low e-liquid levels are the number one cause of this awful taste from your vape kit. This happens because the cotton wick doesn’t get well-saturated, charring it when the coil becomes hot.

Something else you should look at is your vaping habits. If you take too many puffs in quick succession, aka chain vaping, you run the risk of getting that burnt taste. The cotton wick needs enough time to get re-saturated. Taking too many puffs back-to-back doesn’t give the heating system adequate time to cool and re-saturate the wick.

Worn-out coils can also make your vaping experience unpleasant. Coils aren’t built to last forever. Over time, the metal coil and cotton wick wear out, affecting their ability to absorb e-liquid and distribute heat evenly.

The last suspect is vaping at high wattages. Vaping at higher power settings produces more vapour. However, it can destroy your coil and cotton wick if you aren’t using the right e-liquid or settings. If your issue doesn’t appear on this list, head to this website and click to investigate other factors that can create a burnt taste while vaping. 

How to Avoid Burnt Hits Like a Pro

The first thing you must learn to do is prime your coils. Do this when you refill the tank or replace your coil with a new one. Priming your coil is easy. All you need to do is add a few drops of vape juice to the cotton wick. This ensures that your coil is well-saturated from the onset. 

Another thing you must do is clean your vaping kit. The tank and cotton wick will collect debris over time. The debris accumulation can cause charring around the coil. Cleaning your coils and the tank can extend the coil’s lifespan and eliminate chances of getting a burnt taste from the vape.

Using the wrong e-liquids can also cause this problem. Most manufacturers have instructions on which vape juices to use. The PG:VG ratios are of utmost importance. Don’t use any vape juices without double-checking the manufacturer’s instructions. Vape juices with high VG content create thicker clouds but wick slower.

Summing Up

Getting a burnt taste from your vape pen can destroy the vibe around your smoke breaks. Knowing the causes can help you troubleshoot the problem faster. Always clean your mod or vaping kit to avoid debris accumulation and poor performance from your vape pen.


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