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Multiple Steps Involved In Submitting Visit Visa In Qatar Office

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Different steps are involved in submitting your visit visa application in Qatar for Canada, including the required documents, completing the application forms, and visiting the different application centers. This article guides you on how to browse this procedure efficiently.

Do You Know about the Canada Visit Visa?

Before beginning the application procedure, knowing what the Canada visit visa from Qatar demands is essential. The visit visa, also known as the temporary resident visa, permits you to visit Canada for pleasure, a family visit, or any other business meeting for up to six months.

  1. Make sure your valid passport is 6 months. Remember that (beyond your decided departure date from Canada).
  2. Fulfill all the application forms correctly.
  3. Fill out forms as the main item of your application.
  4. You should have the bank statement, job invitation letter, and documents showing more expenses to help your stay.
  5. At least two passport-size images of you that encounter the Canada visa requirements.
  6. Your documents, such as a job letter, property ownership, and family connections, show your intention to return to Qatar.
  7. Complete details of your traveling schedule, including the flight tickets and reserve accommodations.
  8. Invitation letter from your friends or relatives who are living in Canada and  give complete information about your reason for traveling.

How to Complete the Application?

  1. For the online application, you should go to the official website of the Government Of Immigration of Canada and create your account on the IRCC portal.
  2. Fulfill the online form. Make sure all data is valid and complete.
  3. Scan all your needed documents, and you can pay the visa application charges online with your credit card.

What Do You Do In a Paper Application?

  1. You should download your compulsory forms from the Government of Immigration website in Canada.
  2. Fulfill these forms with updated information.
  3. Gather all the needed documents.
  4. Make sure images encountered are particular given by the Canadian authorities.
  5. Attain the bank draft and pay the application charges.

How To Submit Your Application?

The Canada visit visa proceeded with the help of VFS Global, which provides various services to the Canadian Government.

  1. Reserve your appointment
  2. You should visit the Center for Immigration.
  3. Collect valid biometric information.
  4. Submit your documents

After submitting the document, the VFS provides monitoring services. Use the reference number on your receipt to monitor the application’s progress online. The proceeding time can differ, so examine the present time on the IRCC website and support from visa consultant in Qatar.

Considerable Points

  1. Make sure all the documents are valid and reliable to prevent delay.
  2. Daily check your application progress and follow up if compulsory
  3. Ensure you understand the need to provide information on biometrics and instructions from VFS Global.


Follow the useful steps and make sure all documents are in order so you can effectively present your Canada visit visa from Qatar. This organized approach will assist in the procedure and improve your chances of a successful visa application.


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