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What Makes Sunknowledge The Ideal Destination for Skilled Nursing Facility Billing

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Skilled nursing facility billing is a domain that required detailed information and documentation to ensure a seamless billing chance. However, with the administrative burden and due to evolving of medicine and new billing regulation, many healthcare practices tend to losses a huge amount due to incorrect billing and coding processes, missing documentation and also improper claims management process.

In a skilled nursing facility billing, a statement supporting is always demanded that includes:

  • The details of the patients that require skilled services on a daily basis.(Nursing or other rehabilitation services)
  • The daily skilled services can only practically be provided in a Skilled Nursing Facility(SNF)
  • Reason for skilled services needed by the patient
  • Dated signature by the attending physician with knowledge of the case, or physician extender

Sunknowledge the perfect skilled nursing facility (SNFs) billing answer:

Currently operating in markets across the US like California, Oregon, Colorado, and even Hawaii islands. Sunknowledge Services Inc is a decade-old RCM solution that not only provides seamless billing traction but also helps in reducing your operational cost to 80%.

Enhancing your productivity metrics, in the next 3 months while lowering your marketing expenses for your skilled nursing facility (SNF s) billing, we are the one-stop destination because:

  • We can meet or beat any price in the market
  • Being a 100% HIPAA compliant, we have a track of 99.9% accuracy rate
  • We are known for the highest productivity metrics in the market at a cost-effective rate and also for seamless and faster reimbursement rates.
  • We offer “no back-log” guarantee as we work for 7 days a week
  • We have experienced and trained 2000 billers and coders solely dedicated to SNF alone
  • We also ensure robust reporting according to the client’s protocol giving clients a complete operational transparency
  • Excellent industry references from DME space

An average company ends up wasting more than $10,000 and even more every day on medical billing labor costs, billing software, training session, claims, and accounts receivable! Our solution eliminates that waste.

So, if you have any questions or require further information, our experts can create a personalized plan that suits the requirements of your company. You are just a step away from a seamless skilled nursing facility billing solution.


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