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skilled nursing facility billing services

Recover Complex Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Issues with Sunknowledge Services

The skilled nursing facility billing varies widely depending on the type of care that are provided. It can further be classified based on the type, severity and disability of the patient rendering the services and even chronic conditions. Thus...

Sunknowledge- The Answer for Inadequate Skilled Nursing Facility Staffing and Billing Problems

With the present crisis situation and lack of skilled billers and coders, the skilled nursing home facility is operating on thin margins. In fact, it is becoming extremely challenging for a nursing home in the face of inadequate Medicaid...

Sunknowledge Services Inc: Catering to All Your SNF Billing Needs

Today the increasing cost in a skilled nursing facility (SNFs ) billing, shortage of experienced billers and certified coders managing the billing equation is one of the rising issues in SNF s billing. This is why Sunknowledge presents you...

What Makes Sunknowledge The Ideal Destination for Skilled Nursing Facility Billing

Skilled nursing facility billing is a domain that required detailed information and documentation to ensure a seamless billing chance. However, with the administrative burden and due to evolving of medicine and new billing regulation, many healthcare practices tend to...
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