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Guide To Buying Zero Tolerance Emerson Knives

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Each kitchen requires a good set of Zero Tolerance Emerson knives, whether you’re a seasoned chef or just getting started. It’s critical to have the right knives on hand, particularly if you like to cook from scratch, grow your own food, or schedule your meals. Cooking would be much easier if you use sharp, well-balanced, and comfortable knives.

Style Of Blade

You may want a knife with far more cutting, push cuts, pull cuts, or draw cuts based on the type of job you do.

Opening System

Some users love a manual opening folder, while others prefer a folder that opens automatically with a click of a button. Most Zero Tolerance Emerson folders can be opened with one hand using any of these opening methods.

Zero Tolerance Emerson
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Opens With

Choose a blade with a flipper at the back of the knife if you choose to open the knife with your finger. Use a model with a thumbs stud or thumb disk if you prefer to open folders with your thumb. The thumb is the safest way to open a push design (generally an automatic). With a nail nick, some manual versions open two-handed.

Lock Type

Each knife has a lock that is designed into the handles scale, parallel to it, incorporated into the open push button, or is a typical detent. What Zero Tolerance Emerson your selection can be influenced by the lock type you prefer.

Steel Blade

If your job requires you to use a knife on a regular basis, you may want to invest in a high-end steel knife. Zero Tolerance Emerson blades come in a variety of steels, each with its own set of advantages in terms of edge retention, resistance to corrosion, and polishing ease. Choose a knife steel that is appropriate for your cutting rate, materials, and sharpening method.

Edge Of The Blade

The majority of Zero Tolerance Emerson blades have a sharp plain tip, but a few have partial serrated blades. This can be useful for activities such as cutting rope.

Handle Material

G10, synthetic overmold, or glass-filled nylon handle materials can add texture and traction to a knife. If you are working indoors, without gloves, or in a wet setting, think about your working conditions. Alternatively, you may appreciate the feel and appearance of an aluminum or stainless handle.


Some knives have rubberized handles for added grip, while others are molded to match the shapes of the hand, and a few incorporate both. Please ensure the handle does not have blunt or sharp points that might cause pressure points in your side. Smooth bolsters are designed to let your index finger sleep peacefully on top of some grips.


A knife’s weight must be evenly distributed between the handles and the knife. If you lay the blade across the center and index finger where the handle and blade touch, does it turn one way or the other? The handle will not cut as easily if it becomes too heavy. It will be difficult to use if the knife is too heavy.


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