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How to Troubleshoot Chrome is Blocked to Access Internet?

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We’ve all experienced how annoying it can be to find you are unable to access the internet. Particularly if you’re engaged in some important work or just about to watch the thrilling storyline of your favourite TV show.

We’ve compiled all the information as well as steps and tips to get you back online quickly.

We’ll talk about the main reasons for the ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED message, how to determine why it’s happening, and how to allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or Antivirus settings.

Let’s begin by identifying the root of the issue.

The Most Common Reasons for Blocked Internet Access

Once your access is denied and the infamous message ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED appears, it’s essential that you don’t waste any time and know exactly where to look for the cause of the issue.

Here are a few of the most frequently occurring causes for the error:

Antivirus Software

Your antivirus security might include a built-in firewall program that could block access to your internet connection if it finds suspect websites or files. It’s not uncommon for you to experience issues with software such as Avast blocking access to the internet in Windows 10, or any other antivirus software that does this due to security measures.

Malware and Viruses

When your gadget is infected with malware or viruses that are causing problems. It could alter the settings for your browser and network and stop you from connecting to the internet, in addition to other issues and problems it’s susceptible to causing. It’s beneficial and essential to understanding what you can do to eliminate viruses and the best way to remove the malware off your Android or other devices.

Network Driver Issues

Sometimes, it’s your network driver that is the cause of an error. Their settings could be the reason that your internet access is blocked.

Blocked  Websites in  Colleges, Schools, Workplaces, Etc.

If you’re surfing the web within one of those public areas, your computer has settings that restrict certain websites, causing users to get an error warning. If this happens then you must contact the person who is responsible to get rid of the obstruction.

Did you know: You can bypass the restrictions with the help of a VPN which provides users with a certain degree of data security and privacy? Be sure to select a good VPN and, if needed it is using an appropriate VPN router.

How to Troubleshoot Why Your Internet Access Is Blocked

If you’re experiencing problems with your connection is crucial to know exactly what you should do. There are several alternatives to look for you get the notification “Not Connected.

Here’s how you can help:

Check Firewall and Antivirus Settings

As we have previously discussed that these crucial points for protecting your device from malicious websites could also prevent you from connecting to the internet. Check your antivirus program or firewall settings, and then check to determine if they are creating the issue that blocks internet access.

In some instances, Google Chrome or another browser that you’re using could be restricted by the security system. To prevent this from happening you should set the particular file or folder as an exception to the scanning process.

Visit your Search Box on the desktop, and enter Firewall. Click on Firewall & Network Protection, then click on Allow an application via Firewall. By this, you can allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.

The complete list of applications on your device will show. All you have to do is search for Google Chrome or any other application you’d like to get beyond the firewall, and then click the box that is next to it. Save your settings, and then check to see if the issue has been resolved.

Key Takeaways

Your internet connection may be shut off due to a range of reasons that cause errors.

Common causes can be linked to security and settings. It helps protect your device from potentially harmful web pages and viruses.

Certain malware and viruses may disrupt your network or browser settings, and even block access to the internet.

The solution to this issue could involve reviewing and restoring your firewall and antivirus settings and running network diagnostics and other procedures that are explained on this page.

Solutions to Try If Your Internet Access Is Blocked

If you encounter the problem of Not Connected and are unable to complete your plans which require internet access the first step is to figure out a solution as quickly as possible.

Here are some ways to help you restore Internet connectivity. We suggest you follow each step until you discover an effective solution. If it happens again you’ll be prepared for it.

Let’s begin with the simplest step:

Restart Your PC

Restarting your computer can solve a variety of issues such as unblocking internet access. If you’re lucky enough and it’s just a minor issue, after your device is restarted it will be back to normal. If not, then No Internet Connection still shows on your screen, you can move on to the next step.

Disable Your Antivirus and Firewall

If the advice above did not work perhaps it’s due to your antivirus program. It’s not a rule to stop internet access, but certain programs have built-in firewalls. This could result in an application such as Avast making internet connections difficult.

To determine if the issue is caused by this turn off your antivirus and then check to see if your connectivity is restored. Make sure that you’ve recently updated your antivirus program, it could be the reason behind the problem. It’s possible to reset the program to its initial settings or even install it again. If you decide to do this do not enable the firewall application.

If changing the settings of the antivirus and installing it again doesn’t accomplish what you want, then it could be a good idea to call the customer support department of the software you’re using to get further information.

As with when the firewall in an antivirus program prevents access to the internet it can be the same when using the Windows firewall. It can also be solved by deactivating the firewall.

Remember that firewall security stands between your device and potentially dangerous websites, and also suspicious files that could damage it. You should be vigilant and aware of the risks.


If you’ve now gone through our post. You’ll be ready for the next time the message “Not Connected” appears on your computer screen.

The wide range of possible causes leads to the numerous solutions we put together in one location. We recommend that you begin with the easiest solution before moving on to more complicated ones if needed.

It might take some perseverance, but, in the majority of situations. You’ll be able to solve the issue and continue your normal routine without interruption. This is a great reward.

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