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8 Steps For Healthy You In This Summer

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Living a comfortable life becomes a far-sighted dream during long hot summer days that makes us lazy as well as a bit anxious. This case is not only for the young ones or teenagers, even the adults feel unbearable to face the scorching heat.

That is why this time demands us to work on the betterment of our health and lifestyle, in a fashion that can noticeably make a strong impact. This way not only we would be able to relax and stay healthy but also enjoy the summer up to a great extent.

One of the first things you wanted to do is get the installation done for the air conditioning Sydney. Living at home under a well-maintained temperature will lay the foundation of other improvements we will see through with oral health, fitness, vision, diet, and stress levels.

We sat down with a panel of experts and asked them to suggest few simple things that will change the way they are living during summers. It would provide them with a much-needed boost in the personal health. Without wasting any more time, let’s focus on our top picks:

1. Getting healthy with berries

If there is one tasty thing you can bring to improve your dietary regime, have a cup of berries daily. It could be a mix of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. These berries would be a perfect way to load up the much-needed antioxidants and help in keeping the tissues healthy and away from age-based issues.

These berries are very rich in antioxidants but another benefit we have here is that they have a lot of fiber as well. It will keep a check on your cholesterol and is effective against various cancers.

2. Give up on stress

The best way to tackle your stress level would be to start with your garden or cultivate a flower section. If your space doesn’t allow so, you can go with the indoor pots as well.

Experts have said that just putting your hands in soil works like a charm. By doing so, you stay connected with the presence when suddenly the life around seems to move at quick paces. A touch of soil will relieve your physical and mental stress.

3. Be regular with floss

You always knew that it is important and now the time is here to start with floss every single day. If you see it as an extra task then just do it at the beach or while you are enjoying the music or watching tv. Flossing is a great way to remove oral bacteria, which then improves overall body health. Your body will thank you since with the absence of oral bacteria, it has one less space to fight against them.

4. Make time for exercise

Make a favorite choice and choose an outdoor activity where you can go hike, spend time with nature, play physical involvement games such as cycling, skateboards, basketball, or swimming. This will cover up your missing dosage of workouts and also keep the blood flow in good shape.

5. Treat your eyes with love

Having a good vision is important whether at work or play so always wear protective equipment for eyes. When you are outdoors, wearing sunglasses will keep the ultraviolet rays away but they will also be helpful with cataracts and won’t allow wrinkles to appear below or around the eyes. Consult your doctor and get the best protective eyewear to keep them safe during various activities.

6. Have some good sleep

After a long tiring day, you won’t feel sleepy since it’s summer, but avoid staying up late. Ensure that your daily regime has enough time for good quality. Invest yourself in following a fixed schedule for sleeping and waking up without relying on alcohol. It is also a good idea to install ducted air conditioning Sydney for having flawless naps without disturbance.

7. Plan a vacation

Vacation is a relief for mind and soul and with summers coming in, you have a schedule where you can simply plan the best of your vacations. Going on a vacation with your family or loved ones will have various benefits to your body as well. Your blood pressure will lower down, your heart rate will get normal, stress hormone will be less released. This all sums up to a healthy heart and refreshed mind.

8. Go easy on the alcohol

Summer is the best occasion to skip drinks with hard alcohol where you can choose on a mild, chilled alcohol-based beverage(not for the pregnant ladies or those sensitive to drinking for some health issues). A glass of table wine with juice in it would be perfect such as sangria, a wine spritzer, or a cold beer to refresh your mood and not go too heavy. Alcohol is pretty effective against heart disease only if you are not overdoing it.


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