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How To Get More Compliments With Perfume?

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We all wish to get compliments from our friends and family members while using a new scent. We all have done this once or sometimes every time in our life. Fragrances will make you smell good and feel good. It will get you compliments contributing to that feel-good factor. Yet, when you apply an expensive perfume but nobody around you notice it, it can be disheartening. If you have faced this situation and regretting buying this scent, these tips are for you.

Choose The Right Perfume!

Instead of picking out perfume at random, you must get it according to the season and mood. If you are going for a date, avoid wearing strong perfumes as they can affect your impression. Choose light romantic scents. For the office, keep your perfume noticeable with a deep and rich aroma but avoid anything too strong.

Think about the occasion before picking scent. It can help in making your personality, as well as scent, feel more likable. Also, to keep your perfume relevant for the seasons, change it. Wear floral scents for spring, fresh cooling scents for summer and monsoon, warm spicy ones for autumn, and deep woody scents for winters. You can keep three types of scents for these different moods to make it easy.

Spray It In The Correct Way!

Whether you are using an Eau de parfum like Royale perfume, spray the perfume in the correct way to get the best out of it. You must have heard all these tips several times, and yes, they all work wonders in enhancing your perfume.

Clean your skin before spraying the perfume. take bath every day and moisturize your skin well before spraying the perfume. This will help your perfume to stick to your skin. If you sweat a lot, spray non-fragrant antiperspirant before perfume. It will help in preventing it from fading out soon.

Avoid rubbing the perfume after spraying it on the skin and let it dry on its own. Rubbing it can damage the perfume molecules reducing the life of the scent. Never spray more than two times on the skin. Too much perfume is always a buzzkill and you do not want to be the one. Make sure to spray on your hair along with your pulse points to make the perfume noticeable for hours.

Never Wear The Same Scent Every Day!

Wearing your favorite scent every day might make you happy. It is a satisfying thing to do but it is also something that makes you invisible. Our olfactory senses work in a way that they begin to ignore something smelled every single day. When you wear the same perfume every day, your senses will ignore it.

This will make the perfume seem like losing its aroma. If you do not want something like this to happen, it is better to switch the perfume and let it work its magic. You can do it once a week or every two weeks. If you do it, people around you will notice your scent more often.


Freshen Up Every Few Hours!

After 4-5 hours every perfume starts fading out. Even the Eau de parfum scents enter their dry down phase having a faint aroma. If you want your perfume to be noticeable, make sure to apply it every 4-5 hours. One spray is enough for the noticeable aroma around you. People who travel in public transit need to freshen up their perfume once they reach the office.

In the monsoon season and summer season, this timeline should be every 3 hours. You need to understand your perfume and see how long it lasts or when it starts fading out to find out when to freshen up. You can keep a small perfume bottle with you or get miniature scents. If any of these is not available, carry a travel perfume atomizer and fill it with your perfume. it will come in handy whenever you need the perfume.

Sometimes, it is not the perfume but the way you are applying it that is coming in way of getting compliments. Learn from all these tips and improve your perfume application to give it zest. But, if even after doing all this is not helping you out, look for the perfume. What kind of scent you are wearing? Is it suitable for the season or not? Whether you applying the right quantity, or the perfume is of superior quality or not? Think about all this to figure it out.

Spraying on the scent may seem easy but if you come to think about it, there is science working behind it. It is an art, science of chemistry behind every scent which either makes or breaks it. Spend money on decent quality of Indian Perfume Brands even if you are getting famous brands. It will up your perfume quotient getting all eyes on you.


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