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Features that make a website user-friendly!

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Once your website is ready to be accessible to your audience, ask yourself one final question: “Is your website user-friendly?” Remember that your current and potential customers would access your website, and you should take care of the fact that your website has all the features that provide ease to them. In addition, customers have placed comfort as a deciding factor for making most decisions. Therefore, for websites also, businesses must ensure that their websites have great user-friendly features.

Not only will this help to greatly improve your customer experience but also consequently bring in more sales. There are a lot of ways you can make your website user-friendly. Let’s look at some of them and see how you can incorporate them into a new business website.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

First of all, as we know how Mobile phones have become a very integral part of our lives, ensure that you check in to see how your website would appear on a mobile phone. As the availability of mobile phones grows, we cannot overlook the fact that most customers would access your website from their phones. To cater to this, you must ensure that you design your website in such a way so that all of the users can access all of its features from a mobile phone. There are several ways you can check for it. Before you make your website live, access it from a mobile phone.

Can your website be of use for most people?

Moving on, you should design your business website so that most people can access it. It depends entirely on the nature of your business, but the best Web Design Services will include features for the elderly or disabled. Including these features can be a great way to ensure that many clients can access your website. If you look at it this way, your business will benefit from it eventually. Not limiting who can access your website has a significant number of advantages.

Are all contents of your website placed correctly?

Moreover, how you present information on your website is also one main element for a user-friendly website. However, businesses ignore this element most often. It has grown to become even more essential in the past few years. There is an extensive range of information that has to be present on a website. You should put effort into organizing it in such a way that looks aesthetically pleasing. You can achieve this by dividing it into sections and subcategories so your viewers can click on precisely what they want.

Incorporating user-friendly features in a website can make navigation significantly more manageable. Think about it from a customer point of view. If you see a website with a properly laid structure, you would consider the company credible. So if you have a lot of content you want to display, the structure is one thing you should consider.

Is your loading time good enough?

According to surveys, if your website takes a lot of time to load, new customers will probably leave your website. Ideally, ensure that the website loads within five seconds. A fast loading time for your website would also help to increase your rankings by search engines.

We are aware of how customers have started to place great emphasis on time. If a website takes longer to load, customers feel like they’re wasting their time and switch to other options. But, how can a business ensure higher speed? Through a higher bandwidth, you can ensure that you maintain a high speed. Always remember that if your customers leave your website once, they’re not likely to visit ever again!

Is your browser compatibility satisfactory?

The next step is to ensure you have a good browser at your back. You need to carry out a detailed analysis of the features of your browser and whether they are compatible with the parts of your website or not. Different browsers have different features, and some of the browsers are more efficient now. Each browser has slightly different but unique characteristics. It is the job of the business to identify which features the browser possesses and how it can go with your business website.

Moreover, once your website is made, run it on several browsers and see if it’s working fine on them. Famous browsers you can check it on include Safari, Chrome, etc.

Is your website design up to date?

In addition, you need to have a transparent outlook about all the relevant and up-to-date websites of other good and famous companies. This would enable you to incorporate the appropriate design and features into your website. Having a suitable and modern web design is imperative for business success. Therefore, if you get a website design from a Web Design Company, you can ensure that your web design has all the relevant and latest features that the customers would like to see.

 Furthermore, keep in mind that in this digital age, customers have straightforward access to different websites. In this regard, if your website does not look like the modern website, customers are most probably not likely to make purchases from your website because they will render it ‘outdated.’

Are your website visuals appealing?

We all know customers consider aesthetics to be critical in today’s world. Therefore, you need to have a correct balance of your website’s colors, tones, and shades to create an aesthetic.

Customers play great importance to presentation. If your website has all other characteristics but the presentation, there is a high chance that you will not benefit from it entirely. This is because your presentation is the main component that people are looking at your website would notice.

First impressions are very crucial as it is only within the first few seconds that customers decide whether to surf the website further or not. While designing your website, try different contrasts and backgrounds that you feel would look nice. At the design, you have the opportunity to try and test new color schemes. However, remember the nature of your business while doing so. For example, if you are a company that offers Website Design Services, your themes should be formal and give a serious outlook. E.g., white and grey.

On the other hand, let’s say if your business is a daycare, very different and bright themes should be preferred. If you do not keep in mind the nature of your business, you might not attract the right clients. Not attracting the right clients would also cause you to lose out on valuable sales and eventually profits.


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