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5 Cowgirl fashion tips for getting an amazing western look

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Cowgirl – A term that relates to courage, modesty, and ingenuity like no others! Ladies who embrace the true country lifestyle. Every cowgirl needs a western closet that flaunts their personality and love towards the culture. Denim, prairie prints, yoke shirts, and cowboy boots made their appearance wild for Wyoming. After all, who wouldn’t want to join the beautiful bliss of hills!

Western stores are popping all over the world, and you want to create a timeless and effortless look. You will find a classic yet individual style at trendy women’s clothing that combines everyday western wear and high fashion. 

Fascinating tips for cowgirl: You don’t need to be like the rest, darling!

Go after the 50/50 rule

At any given time, make only half your clothing and accessories look western. Undeniably, western wear for work doesn’t count here. If you are out on a ranch, ignore this advice. 

Outside of work, blend your pieces to get a more sophisticated feel. 

  • Prairie skirt ruffled petticoat and boots.
  • Go with a plaid button-down shirt with a bolo tie, a big turquoise belt with buckle, and a stetson that is a pretty costume look. 
  • Saddlebag inspired tote with cowgirl shirt and knee-high boots for a little more casual look. 
  • Mix it wranglers and Aztec-inspired tunic and little heels. 
  • Denim mini skirt with lace camisole or corset and boots is a perfect night-on-the-town look. 
  • Wear your LBD with a ranch jacket and boots to look like an authentic cowgirl.

Matchy-matchy isn’t a sin but harmonizing is a virtue!

Denim on denim? Evidently makes a statement, but it says “Canadian tuxedo,” not high fashion. Let’s break up that and make a better choice with other fabrics, patterns, and colors. For example, put on a crisp plaid shirt or leather jacket instead of a medium blue wash.

If you desire to wear denim on denim together, try different denim washes. For example, a crisp dark wash pair of jeans with a soft denim wash shirt harmonize it with perfect finishing. Avoid dressing exactly to your partner or kids. You are going for fashion style points, not a costume (fancy dress) contest. Go for one theme to carry between all the outfits. 

Combination of urban gear with western looks

You don’t need to give up on chic cowgirl style! Go for a slouchy hoodie or quilted vest with your favorite western tops for women. Add chunky sneakers and jeans to complete your outfit. Blend your moto jacket with your romantic dress for a pleasing combo. 

Why not use accessories like a belt and wide brim hat to make a statement? A thick belt around a trench coat and top it off with a cowboy hat give you a classy vibe. Place your necessities in a saddle leather backpack and opt for a business suit. 

Fringe is an animated aspect for boots, jackets, and more! It is made out of suede or leather. You can find beaded fringe to stand out in a crowd. A fringed tank looks stunning on the farm, so feel free to choose hoodies or jackets, shackets, or tees that show your cowgirl pride in the big city.

A hat on a head is a must!

Get an instant country feel by wearing a hat. Summer or winter, cowboy hats make any attire western. You don’t need to wear a Stetson, though. Instead, go for a summer hat from an online boutique USA with a narrow pinch crown. Many women like it when it calls attention to the chin and cheekbones. Flowers around the band will get you a romantic country wedding look. But, of course, western caps are just as chic and enhance your country’s look to more urban looks. 

Hat etiquettes:

  • A lady does not necessarily remove her hat for the National Anthem or while entering the building. Many modern women choose to remove caps indoors.
  • The dress hats are not removed, but hats worn for weather protection should be taken off. Rain bonnets and snowcaps should come off indoors.

These “yeehaw!” trending accessories can pull off a cowgirl fashion look altogether. Yes, a western bandanna with a traditional pattern that you can wear around your neck or head. Try to coordinate and style your outfit with the colors of your accessory and play with prints! 

Be you and follow your style!

Celebrities are sporting western looks every season, every year. High fashion runway shows, social media influencers, and fashionista ladies who just crazily love cowboys wear western inspired outfits. The real secret is to rock the style. Don’t be afraid to innovate or create something new. Be the trendsetter and don’t follow the trends blindly. 

Western clothing is always chic, and trendy women’s clothing allows you to define your own style by taking pride in farm-fresh fashion. Of course, you can take inspiration from Tommy Hilfiger or even Calvin Klein, but a cowboy-inspired western look is best for our boutique. It’s All yours to grab the best! 

Rock the country-look in your way!

A cowgirl outfit is nothing but cute, comfortable, and stylish. You don’t need to be popular to look good in country-style clothing. Leave your misconceptions behind about this old-fashioned style and create your version of a cowgirl outfit with the help of a trendy online boutique. Not only highlighting a great trendy style but instantly moving to the countryside and living a truly cowgirl life! We love individuals and families who share a sense of style and have fun. 


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