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CCTV Camera: Which One To Choose For Your Needs

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Today, security camera systems continue to meet your security needs in different areas of use. With the support of the security camera system used in homes, workplaces, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, streets, and many other places, it is possible to quickly prevent the negative effects that may occur. You can experience peaceful security with state-of-the-art products with different features. That you can choose according to the areas you want to use.

Types of Home and Workplace Security Cameras

Types of security cameras that can help you provide the security you are looking for in your home or businessIt has many models and options. . For example, you can choose different camera cases depending on whether; the area you want to use the camera is indoor or outdoor. In fact, using the cameras you can ensures the safety of not only you but also the product. You can get effective protection with products with water contact and dust-proof enclosure features.

Outdoor cameras, known as Bullets, stand out with their weather resistance and long service life. So, you can choose the camera that is suitable for the environment; you want to use, according to the night vision distance, lens properties, and weather conditions. A home security camera that you can place according to light intensity models provide a clear recording and monitoring advantage thanks to its features that allow you to get clear images.

HD and IP Security Cameras

Security cameras have many different models in terms of recording technology. Due to the low image resolution, the most preferred technologies today instead of analog cameras are HD and IP models. IP cameras provide more effective comfort in terms of image quality and ease of use. Thanks to the security camera program supported by special software, you can easily watch the recorded sounds and images instantly or whenever you want. Security camera installation with the features you are looking for can be done very easily and practically. A safe life awaits you with cameras that have the technical features you need and specify the area of ​​use. 

CCTV camera adapter

Security CCTV camera systems that allow you to access different types of products. Especially microphones, digital recording devices and monitors, help to make your life easier according to different usage areas and purposes.

CCTV Camera Monitoring from Phone

With the security camera monitoring program, you can easily monitor your home or workplace even if you are outside. Cameras supported by network recording devices allow you to browse the images whenever you want. We thanks to the applications you can use on the web or on your smartphones. You can access images and sounds transmitted via the Internet instantly from your computer or mobile device. Kale Alarm applications continue to support your security with security camera phone monitoring options. Manufacturers produce CCTV camera models with advanced technologies with different colors and designs. That make it easier for you to access images and sounds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also provide comfort offered by monitoring programs.

Security Camera with Night Vision & Microphone

There are different technical features depending on the size of the system that can meet your security needs as you expect. You can choose compatible recording devices and monitor options to get the efficiency you want in terms of monitoring and recording processes. If you want to take images in night conditions and in lightless environments, the security camera you choose can provide the security you want thanks to its night vision feature. In addition to the day and night vision features, you can have the viewing area you want with the viewing angles of products with different sensor types.

Thanks to the cameras with PIR detectors, you can detect and record the movements in the environment. Security camera microphone with audio recording addition to watching the images, you can also record and listen to the sounds in the environment. You can get detailed information about security camera models with DNR technology that prevents image shifting, BLC feature that helps balance light, contrast width that allows a comfortable view, and resolution options that increase image quality.

What should I consider while buying CCTV camera?

The highest range of a CCTV camera depends on the focal length of the lens and the size of the picture sensor. The bigger the range, the more transparent will be the objects taken from the far away location. For outdoor CCTV cameras, the maximum coverage is highly essential. A CCTV camera must have a minimum range of 20 to 25 meters.

How can I check the features of my CCTV camera?

  1. Image Resolution. Image resolution is the prerequisite to measure the standard of a CCTV camera.
  2. Lens. Fixed lens, varifocal lens, and zoom lens are three types of lense
  3. Image Sensor.
  4. Frame Rate.
  5. WDR/HDR. 
  6. Video Compression.
  7. Night Vision.


In this age of technological advancement, people worldwide are becoming more and more dependent on CCTV cameras to keep surveillance on their valuable properties. This guide will help you to choose the right CCTV cameras based on your needs and demands.


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