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Lined Boxes, Our printing house can make custom-made laminated boxes at affordable prices. Such products are containers made of compacted cardboard, which is called packaging. To increase aesthetics, the finished product is covered with a liner, for example, leatherette, designer paper, or fabric.

Lined packaging made of micro-corrugated cardboard differs from other boxes in its increased rigidity. Thanks to this feature, the container is perfect for wrapping gifts and other great weight or volume goods.

Is it absolutely right that you are searching for wholesale custom packaging boxes?

To give the finished product a bright personality and images are applied to the surface. Printing can be monochrome or full color. Additionally, we can perform embossing, foiling, or spot UV varnishing. For printing, digital or offset printing methods are used, which guarantees natural color reproduction and photorealism of the picture.

We produce the following types of laminated cardboard packaging:

  • Cover-bottom box;
  • Magnetic valve box;
  • Book box;
  • Box-tube;
  • Pencil box.

Lodgments organically complement lined boxes with custom-made logos for a beautiful placement of souvenir products. Such elements are made of cardboard, plastic, or satin. In addition, we are ready to offer isolonovye and flocked ones, which provide reliable fixation.


The production of laminated boxes is one of the most popular options for packaging and souvenir products. You can order such products from us in any batch size at affordable prices.

Each package undergoes multi-stage control at every stage of production, which guarantees the impeccable quality of the products. In addition, we can supplement the product with various decorative elements: lighting figured inserts and other decors at the discretion of the customer.


The production of such products is carried out according to standard templates or with an individual design. In the first case, the terms of production of finished products are reduced. In the second, the customer receives an original product with an exclusive design. We are ready to offer coated, design, or corrugated cardboard as a material for production.

Lined boxes can be made in several design solutions:

  • Exclusive card packs and cases;
  • Original book boxes, which are complemented by curly cutting or embossing;
  • Gift wrapping with full-color printing;
  • Branded products with a company logo, which are ideal for presentations to business partners or employees.

In any case, we use certified materials. The design is thought out to the smallest detail: from the external performance to the configuration of the lodgment.


A custom box layout starts with the design of the template. Professional designers perform this stage. If your company does not have such a specialist, you can always turn to our specialists for help. There should be no mistakes in the development of the layout. This delays the production process and increases the cost of finished products.

SM Custom packaging is providing the best custom packaging for small business.

Our company employs creative designers who can embody any creative ideas in cardboard packaging. The layout is developed with the direct participation of the customer, while you can make adjustments at all stages of product manufacturing, even during the printing process.


The basis of the laminated box is made of thick cardboard, which goes through several stages of processing. For this, various types of lamination are used, which increase the mechanical strength of the product. At the final stage of lamination, design or advertising images are applied to the printed material.

The result is a strong and colorful package. Such a box is created taking into account the intended use. In particular, the geometry is matched to the internal content. It can be jewelry, elite alcohol, branded goods.

Laminated cardboard is a unique material that is made by pressing or gluing paper. In fact, this is a solid base on which a full-color image is glued.

The picture is applied to the substrate to be printed in various ways, but it is for this material that silk-screen printing and flexography are ideal. On other types of media, these technologies do not provide high-quality printing. But thanks to lamination, such pictures are revealed in full.


Individual development of cardboard packaging may be needed if the product has non-standard sizes and shapes and if you need to make a unique design or a whole product line. We can produce cardboard packaging of any type and layout complexity based on all your criteria and design ideas. We will produce cardboard packaging for an already finished product or a product that is still being designed.


The FEFCO International Catalog is a catalog in which cardboard packaging designs are presented. FEFCO includes over 150 detailed drawings and is constantly updated with them. For convenience, the entire catalog is divided into classes, and each structure has its serial number. Thus, you can choose any design you are interested in yourself, and we, in turn, will adjust all sizes and supplement it with internal and external elements.


Chrome ersatz cardboard

This is the so-called chipboard, which contains cellulose and wood fiber. The coating of the material is usually uncoated. Features include a multi-layer profile that increases thickness and rigidity. Such packaging withstands loads well, retains its original appearance and performance properties for a long time. The density of eozats-cardboard is 170-300 g / m2, with a thickness of 0.2-0.7 mm.

Laminated micro-corrugated board

It is a multi-layered yet thin liner that looks very sleek without losing strength. The surface is printed with a full-color image on offset printers. The thickness of this material varies between 1.2-1.8 mm, with a density of 180 g / m2.

Laminated corrugated board

A dense material that is ideal for packaging large or heavy products. The products are five-layer. The basis is made of foam board or kappa, which are laminated with a liner. The thickness of the corrugated board is 2-8 millimeters with a material density of 180 g / m2.

Production of laminated boxes

The production process of packaging and boxes made of the laminated micro-corrugated board consists of the following operations:

  • packaging design;
  • printing with offset and UV inks;
  • product finishing:
  • offset varnish coating;
  • high-pressure varnish coating;
  • UV varnish coating;
  • relief stamping;
  • foil stamping;
  • lamination (glossy, matte);
  • covering with stencil UV varnish;
  • covering with stencil UV glitter varnish;
  • lamination or lamination;
  • felling;
  • Gluing (if required by the product design).
  • Gluing a plastic window into a cut-out hole.


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