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Automatic SERP Scraping vs. Manual SERP Scraping

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Manual SERP scraping

If you try manual SERP scraping, you see that it is a time consuming process that wastes your time and do not let you to concentrate on more important aspects of your job. How much time do you need to do bulk search and collect the data related to thousands of queries?

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The matter of time is only one of the problem you face in manual SERP scraping. The other point is the issue of limitations and block. Google and other search engines block the users after a few numbers of searches. You may get blocked after 10 searches or 20 or a little more. Everything depends on the search engine’s rules you use.

Automatic SERP scraping

Automatic SERP and web scraping is done by the tools created for this purpose that are known as SERP API or SERP scraper. They increase the speed of SERP scraping and prevent block and restrictions.

Through automatic SERP APIs you can perform as many searches as you want in bulk and get reliable and accurate results if you choose the correct API.


I have been working with All-SERP since two years ago and I enjoy the high speed of All-SERP SERP APIs. In my opinion it is the fastest SERP API of the market when I compare it with similar services. It is not only fast but also reliable. It gatheres correct and valid data for the users.

All-SERP features

  • All-SERP has provided the most rapid SERP APIs of the market through which SERP scraping is done in minutes and with no pause and no stop.
  • It doesn’t allow the search engines to block the users. So you can search as many queries as you have in minutes. Bothe single and bulk requests are answered.
  • Captchas are solved and proxies are handled by All-SERP.
  • It has various tools for Google search engine including Google image search API, Google video search API, Google shopping search API, Google local search API, Google knowledge graph search API, Google maps search API, Google ads search API, and so on.
  • By Google image and video search API of All-SERP, the user can extract the different formats of images and videos from Google search engine.
  • Google shopping search API of All-SERP scrapes Google search engine to collect products and services prices and data.
  • Locations and routes can be extracted by Google maps search API of All-SERP in minutes and accurately.
  • The data provided by All-SERP SERP scrapers is real, fresh and accurate.
  • The information of companies and enterprises that are recorded in knowledge graphs of Google can be extracted by All-SRP SERP API.
  • The user can collect the data related to any country and any language he uses. All-SERP Google local search API has the responsibility of gathering local data.
  • Google ads search API of All-SERP extracts advertisements stored in Google search engine.
  • Google is not the only search engine supported by All-SERP. In addition to Google, All-SERP covers other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask and DuckDuckGo too.


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