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Secrets for Reducing DME Prior Authorization Difficulties

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Delays in DME prior authorization will, indeed, steal your time as a physician. It will raise your practice’s expenses. It can hinder your entire care management approach and cause serious setbacks. Getting in touch with professionals in practice management who comprehend the payers’ claims adjudication priority should be one of the options.

Handling your practice management is more important than ever. The CMS has issued a new rule in which payers have been given a time period to respond to an authorization outcome. With a lackluster front end, your rising daily sales outstanding ratio occurs far more frequently. Understanding how to handle your DME prior authorization, eligibility checks, and order confirmation procedure is dependent on a lot of skilled resources.

While there is no clear path ahead, several functional best practices can eventually help you keep on top of your verification and authorization tasks. In the United States, HME/DME prior authorization expenses are currently close to $32 billion. It is critical to comply with the regulatory environment and how pre-service information will be disclosed.

What do you need now?

You require the assurance of a revenue cycle management partner who will streamline the entire process for you. One of the top priorities will be to cut in-house billing costs. Your medical billing service provider should provide you with a clear procedure for previous approvals to help you prevent practice management mistakes.

A rigorous awareness of payer priorities will be required to make your DME prior authorization procedure work. Your partner should be able to assist you in being deliberate and swift in reducing operational variables, which ultimately elevates your DME practice’s total denial management activities.

What should be the flowchart of DME prior Authorization?

Checking the prerequisites before providing services and avoiding delays in reporting prescriptions and claim denials are required.

  • Delayed transactions will eventually arise from DME prior authorization processes and missed conditions. A uniform capture management procedure is required to aid in the verification of eligibility and the reduction of time in first-time DME prior authorization requests.
  • A primary problem in the DME prior authorization process is the establishment of a standard methodology and uniform documentation. It is critical to use a consistent method to avoid delays in the patient therapeutic process.
  • You must create an executable plan that will assist you in avoiding unnecessary follow-ups with patients for more information.
  • DME Prior authorization applications that take as little time as possible will be a valuable asset. Comprehensive processes and trained resources knowledgeable about claim adjudication mandates will be essential.

Why is it necessary to comply with the current CMS Guidelines?

Best-in-class processes and skilled resources will assist you in receiving rapid DME prior authorization and verification support. Driving your care management services will undoubtedly be determined by how well you improve your payables in the long run. A complete DME prior authorization provides impetus and aids in the reduction of pending accounts receivable, which impedes reimbursements.

Finding a high-quality medical billing service that can function as a seamless extension of your current operations will be an excellent value proposition. Receiving DME prior authorizations on time is critical to providing timely and effective patient treatment.


Keep track of your earlier authorization requests to avoid the delays that can occur when information is shared insecurely. Rapid automation solutions that simplify medical billing will be an important goal.

A well-articulated appeal can assist you in countering incorrect DME prior authorization and building a solid case with relevant clinical information. The re-submission of incomplete data from the original request must be brief and orderly. Consider employing technology to establish a high standard in medical billing by streamlining and ensuring checks and balances.


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