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Decorative and Designer Window Treatments

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Windows are the gateway to natural light and they break or make the look of a space too. Hence, choosing the right window treatments is very important. They can be purely decorative, functional or a combination of both. Whether you choose shutters, Roman shades, classic curtains or flowing drapes, the idea is to create a beautiful and functional decorative element in your room. Now, let us have a look at some of the decorative shades that can change the look of a space completely.

Internal Window Shading

Using Roman shades in internal door windows and in regular windows ensures complete privacy. Shades matching the color scheme of the interior offers design consistency and add an additional eclectic decorating element to the space.

Sheer White Color Curtains

Don’t have sufficient lighting in the room? Do you lack an actual window? Select sheer drape panels to have plenty of light in a room. This will not make the room feel closed off. Curtains from ceiling to floor make the room look bigger.

Rattan Blinds

This is one of the decorative shades that allow a little bit of natural light to shine inside a space while still providing privacy. These blinds can be used in small bathrooms. Together with other materials and wall décor, these shades provide a refined look.

Classic Shutters

Classic white colored shutters give a break from the monotony of colorful schemes. These shutters can be used in a study space with a coffee table and a contemporary yet timeless sofa. It gives a distinct look to the space.

Shutters and Awnings

Don’t forget about the exterior. The combination of awnings and shutters is certainly one of the fascinating decorative shades you can have for the exterior. Using hurricane shutters for this purpose will be great, though they are mostly to enhance the look of the external space. When done with proper measurements, these shutters can be highly functional.

Double blinds

Coupling of two kinds of window treatments is the latest trend of decorative shades these days. Pairing drapes with Roman shades offers elegance by beautifying a space and add ingan extra dimension. They also ensure a lesser amount of light filtration.

There are diverse ways of ornamenting a space with designer window treatments.


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