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A Perfect Way to Get Hired as An Android Developer in 2021?

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Android Developer: Mobile devices have surely changed a lot with every growth rate happening worldwide. Android is an operating system that helps to access applications based on different brands and services, helping people to have complete control over the services and the products they are involved with. Today the Android operating system is the most recommended after apple technology. So, let’s learn how you can grow your career in Android and the perfect way to grow your career in it.

On average, around 3000 applications are updated daily over the google play store. The reason behind it is because of the preference of the people. With almost 2.3 billion smartphones around the world, it opens up a huge opportunity for organizations to have a reach to the customers. For that, developing an application that supports Android is known as the best way. This is why many applications are hoard in the play store every day. Well, it is a progressive career, and those who look to grow and develop the skills in the same can enroll for the course. So, if you want to learn them, you can start with Android Training in Delhi, as it provides the perfect way to help you learn and aims to provide exact knowledge to start your career perfectly.

The Responsibilities of the Android Developer are Based on the Company to the Company. The 6 Main Responsibilities are:

  • Designing and building the application
  • Collaborating across the teams
  • Working with the database and APIs
  • Implementing unit testing
  • Fixing the bugs
  • Updating the new technologies

Now that you know the responsibilities of the Android developer, let’s directly get down to the skills that Android developers must have to start their career, such as:

  • Better control over the programming language such as JAVA or Kotlin
  • Will be able to use Android Software development kit, also known as Android SDK, concentrating on the areas like fundamental views, layouts, user input, storing the data, action bars, and more
  • Database knowledge is the mandatory technical skill that an android developer must possess. Having working experience in SQL can help you to master android development and also help you to crack the best opportunities.
  • Must know Git as it helps you to be aware of the basics involve, such as repositories and changes
  • Back-end programming skills include working knowledge of python, NodeJS, and dot Net. These programming languages are the base for the development of Android.

Reading the above information, it is easy to understand that the android development course is base on future development and is know to be a never-ending career with amazing and vast opportunities in the market. The eligibility stands for those who have completed their studies learning computer science and computer engineering with knowledge of the programing language and database management skills.

How to Learn Android?

The Android Training in Noida from the institute is the best way because the training for the Croma Campus will help you to learn and understand using practical and theoretical exposure so that you can understand the work process more closely and also be able to develop the application using the programing language and database tools. The training will also help you gain exposure to real-time-based projects and examples to gain the confidence required.

In addition, if you have more doubts and queries related to the course structure and the training process followed by the Croma Campus, you can enroll in the free live demo sessions from the institute to understand the importance of the course and the placement opportunities you will have after completion of the course.


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