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Do you need a valid visa permit to work and settle in the UK? Unique Visa Services is a leading UK Visa agency that has started an immigration help desk to guide job opportunities, recruitment, career planning, travel, and tourist visa and you may consult on any other pressing issues about UK Visa Services.

Due to striking pandemic situations, immigration rules could also get constantly changes. Consequently, many countries prefer different routes to attract foreigners with their fast-tracking visa process.

Know about UK Global Talent Visa

The UK becomes one of the pioneers in spotting the importance of diaspora. However, to meet the aspirations of promising people in a specific category an exceptional talent Visa services announced known as Global talent Visa.  A global talent visa is a UK immigration category for the class of highly skilled professionals that offers a plethora of opportunities to people with advanced degrees and highly talented people in a specific domain such as science and technology, engineering, humanities, arts, and others who wish to work in the UK.

If you are highly qualified in your field then this program facilitates a streamlined visa pathway to highly skilled talents to live and work permanently in the UK. It is a replacement of UK grant tier 1 visa in February 2020 offers several opportunities to potential immigrants. If you need to collect guidance regarding documents regarding visa services UK and immigration when deciding to owe British nationality then book an appointment with our experts of UVSUK a trusted provider of UK visa Manchester services.

Eligibility Criteria to Obtain Global Talent Visa

 The global talent visa serves as the golden ticket for many applicants who desired to settle in the UK for three or five years. There are the following eligibility criteria you have to fulfill for taking advantage of this opportunity.

  1. Work and education experience in the field of IT, Engineering, science, humanities of 5+ years.
  2. Requirement of endorsement letter by applicants from designated review bodies of the UK.
  3. There should be the need for at least three recommendation letters from the company’s letterhead from the applicant’s senior.
  • Applicants should hold reference letters from present and senior employers.

Why you should consider it

  1. After staying in the country for 3 years you may seek permanent residency.
  2. You no need to have appeared for the IELTS test.
  3. There are no minimum criteria of salary requirement to avail visa.
  4. The benefit of getting a UK Visa is you may bring your family along if your dependents fulfill certain criteria.
  5. You can move anywhere change jobs, organizations without any trouble.

What is the application process for applying for a Global Talent Visa?

If you have fulfilled all the eligibility requirements for UK Visa services you are required to apply for endorsement from the UK designated endorsement bodies. As per your occupation, you may liable to choose your endorsement bodies. After obtaining an endorsement letter from the required institutions, you may be able to apply for the visa to the UK Home office. Due to the uprising of the pandemic, many visas application processes have become online or you may apply through UK VAC offices abroad.

Visa Processing

The processing time of a Global talent visa for the UK hardly takes 4 to 8 weeks.

Visa processing occurs in two stages:

Stage 1: This is the first stage of the process referred to as the ‘Endorsement Application’. It takes a period of 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Stage 2: The second stage of application only begins when your endorsement application is been approved.

So, if you meet the exceptional talent category. Have a proven track record in working for the multinational company on honorable designations like a chief engineer, and scientist. Moreover, contributes to the success of a core product. From a start-up then you need a letter from the company owner. As a piece of evidence that highlights your contribution.  If you are applying for Global talent Visa then Unique Visa services might help you to accomplish your dreams. We are UK based visa and immigration agency. That enables the brightest and youngest talent across the world. To come and work in the UK contributing their cutting-edge expertise. To maintain the UK’s spot at the vanguard of the global digital economy.

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