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HME Medical Billing: Overcome your operational threat with Sun knowledge

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Are you struggling to make a profit on your HME medical billing services? Then numerous reasons indirectly affect your billing operation, and you must start taking a good look. This is because even with an expert team, more than 50% of healthcare providers still need help to maintain a minimum profit today, and the reason can vary. Starting from :

  • Rising / mounting labor cost – with the rising and mounting healthcare cost daily, hiring a team of experienced billers and certified coders are causing a huge hole for most of them. Furthermore, with all the training sessions, costly software for billing their wages and employee perks is also becoming a risky business to continue and maintain. Most practices end up with very little for themselves after caring for their billers, coders, and other administrative work.
  • Retaining expert billers and coder is challenging – it becomes hard to retain your billers and coders for a very long time that too at a cost-effective rate.
  • HME billing services can be tedious – maintaining a seamless billing operation and, at the same time, taking care of patients can be tremendous. Moreover, due to juggling billing management and patient care, in-house billers often miss the date of claims submission and data, which causes errors, denial, and rejection.
  • Labor is intense and error-prone – keeping up with new codes and HME medical billing regulations can be challenging with evolving healthcare.

Sun knowledge paving the way for your HME medical billing into Excellency:

Therefore Providing end-to-end HME medical billing solutions, Sun knowledge offers cost-effective RCM solutions. Speeding your cash flow and tracking your productivity metrics, Sun knowledge experts work on all your HME billing shortcoming and ensure better productivity metrics.

With a pool of specialized billers and coders, we further guarantee a better seamless billing operation with a 99.9 % accuracy rate. Ensuring cash is included, we reduce your operational cost by 80 %.

Offering a no-cost dedicated account manager constantly working on improving your collection, we today have a track record of the highest collection rate in the industry. With the right strategy and right technology, we today have excellent industry references for our work across the industry.

So if you need help with your HME medical billing services, contact us, as we are here to turn your threat into a profitable opportunity.


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