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6 Sheet Poster for Outdoor Signage

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Outdoor advertising with a large amount of text or graphics requires printing in a larger format by professionals like VC Print. The most commonly used format is the full size banner. This is printed on a standard banner board and folded in half. The extra large posters stand upright on a frame made of galvanized steel. It can be designed to give a visual presentation of a large text or a single coloured image.

When printing outdoor signs, most advertisers opt for the 6 sheet posters. The most popular size is the standard 6 foot by 6-foot wide banner. This is efficiently designed by cutting the banner into the desired shape and then folding it in half. The extra large version of these signs can hold a large amount of information including photos.

A standard or double-sided outdoor poster paper comes in various forms. The most commonly used ones include the following: tri-fold, tri-panel, fold over, super poster, full-colour, and premium grade outdoor poster paper. We’ll take a look at each of them now.

Tri-Fold: These are the most common form of outdoor posters. It consists of six folding panels which are attached together and have a central square shaped centre. Usually, the top and bottom halves of the panels are of equal length. This type of poster has two or more folds over sections on either side. The extra large version of this sign has three fold-over panels and has equal sides.

Tri-Panel: A tri-fold sign has two or more panels that are attached. Usually, they’re manufactured from cardboard. They have equal sides and top and bottom halves and can have extra large versions too. The top and bottom panels can have extra-large prints too.

Fold Over: Fold over signs have three folds on either side. The large one is opposite the other two. These types of posters are easy to manufacture and use as they’re very simple to tear. Just remember that extra large posters can fit well in these areas.

If you want to have large posters printed for promotion, you can do so by contacting a professional printer like VC Print that operates online. The company provides a wide range of printing options and templates to choose from for best results.  

Advantages of Extra Large Posters

Full-Colour: Full-colour posters are very popular as they catch the attention of the viewers quickly. The terms outlined above describe them well. The large image area of these posters is very vivid. Generally, they have brighter colours, with black as the only choice in dark shades. A typical full-colour poster has about 160 shades of colour.

Durability: Like any other product, outdoor posters should also be durable. The sides should be stiff and tough so that the message won’t easily get torn. When the sides are less rigid, they’ll easily bend and become wavy. Also, check the colours – brighter colours will make your message stand out. You’ll definitely find the perfect options for 6 sheet posters according to your requirements.

Weather Resistant: It’s quite obvious that weather-resistant outdoor signage is important because most people spend a lot of time outside their homes or offices. However, it’s still important to keep them away from harsh weather conditions. Generally, these types of products are made of polyester materials and come with UV protection. Some are even water-resistant, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. Make sure you look for the right information on each product.

Durability: As mentioned earlier, outdoor billboards are generally made of heavy materials such as aluminum, glass, and steel. This makes them sturdy enough to withstand any type of weather conditions. However, they are not indestructible despite their resilience. If you want to purchase large billboard graphics, make sure you opt for durable ones. There are high-quality manufacturers who produce these products for a long time. You can also find suppliers of this material who offer customization services so you can choose among many designs and colours. Prices: The prices of large posters depend on the size, shape, printing technique, paper type, and design. Generally, the prices range from a few dollars to around a thousand dollars. To get the best deals, it would be wise to do some online research. Some online printing companies offer discounts when you order bulk orders.


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