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5 Key Advantages of LASIK Surgery

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Vision problems are not new to humans, and neither are the various remedies to treat them. Traditionally, glasses and contact lenses were the way to go if one had any problems with vision like myopia or short-sightedness. That being said, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some do not like the way they feel, some do not like the inconvenience of wearing and taking off contact lenses. Due to the lack of availability of other options, they would put up with the inconvenience and the cost of wearing glasses or contact lenses. However, with the advent of advanced laser technology, it has become easier to treat these vision issues with more permanent solutions.  Apart from using spectacles and contact lenses, there are no other treatments available to treat and correct various problems with vision. One of these options that is used all over the world is LASIK eye surgery that is now also available at the best eye clinics in Hyderabad.

LASIK surgery has gained immense popularity in recent years. For people who suffer from short-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism, it has been a boon to have an option that can give them a life free of spectacles and vision problems.

While LASIK surgery originated more than a decade ago, it has been received well enough that there have been quite a few advancements in the technique. In fact, whether its Hyderabad or anywhere in India for that matter, the best and most advanced technology is LASIK surgery is available to patients making it easier than ever to fix vision problems.

If you are wondering what LASIK surgery is and how it can help, this is the right article to read. Today, we will cover what LASIK surgery is and the 5 key benefits of undergoing LASIK surgery.

What is LASIK surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is the most common form of Laser eye surgery that is performed to correct short-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. It is normally a relatively pain free and short process and is preferred by both doctors and patients alike.

During LASIK eye surgery, an incision is usually made across the cornea, after which a flap of tissue is raised. Once this is done, the cornea is reshaped. This helps to correct the vision. Then the flap is put back in place and the incision is closed.

5 Key Advantages of LASIK surgery:

  • Almost completely pain-free

Being a surgery that uses Laser technology, LASIK surgery is almost completely pain-free. This makes it a much more viable option than traditional surgery without worrying about deep cuts.

  • Immediate results

One of the biggest advantages of LASIK surgery is that the results are almost immediate. While there is some healing post-surgery, a person can effectively stop wearing glasses or contact lenses immediately after the surgery.

  • Quick Healing

LASIK surgery has a pretty quick recovery time since there are no stitches involved. In fact, patients can go home post-surgery the same day making it much easier to schedule.

  • Permanent Results

LASIK surgery has very low failure rates, as less as 1% being the chances of serious complications post-surgery. This makes it a very attractive option for surgery for vision correction.

  • Fast Procedure

Being a technologically advanced procedure, LASIK surgery is a quick procedure that is much less time-consuming than traditional surgical methods. It usually does not take more than 15 minutes for each eye, meaning if a person needs surgery in both eyes, they will be done within 30 minutes. This is less than the time taken to be prepped for traditional surgery. Coupled with all the other benefits, this is another compelling reason to consider LASIK surgery.

There is a reason LASIK surgery has been the option of choice for correcting vision problems for both surgeons and patients. With the benefits it offers, there is not much standing between you and a glasses or contact lenses free existence anymore! Reach out to know more about how we can help you achieve this.


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