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Knowing about the Best Laser Eye Surgery for Your Need

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Are you the right candidate for laser eye surgery? Which kind is the best laser eye surgery to treat your condition? Read on to get the answers for these questions.

A good percentage of people have refractive error which can be longsighted, shortsightedness or astigmatism. Wearing contact lenses or eye glasses are sufficient to solve the problem for many people. But undergoing a laser surgery might help to restore your lost vision when you do not need corrective lenses anymore.

LASIK – the most popular procedure

LASIK surgery is performed in 15 minutes by using a femtosecond laser for reshaping the cornea by cutting away smaller flap of the tissue. Whether you suffer from farsighted, nearsighted or astigmatism, LASIK may help to remove the glasses forever. The suitable candidates for this kind of surgery are the ones who are in the age group of 20 to 50 years and have stable and moderate corrective lens prescription.

LASEK – when you cannot perform LASIK

If you are not eligible for LASIK due to thin corneas, then LASEK surgery might be a suitable option for you. The method uses an excimer laser for reshaping and removing thin layer of your cornea. The results will be similar to that if LASIK though the procedure is somewhat different.

ReLEx® SMILE – the recent generation of laser eye surgery

ReLEx® SMILE surgery is the latest laser method for the ones who like to play contact sports or remain active. This minimally invasive procedure can help in the correction of extreme short-sightedness in comparison to LASIK. As the eye surgeons do not form a corneal flap created during the treatment, you need not worry about tearing it open, by chance.

PRESBYOND – combining your vision with reading glasses

Presbyopia is actually a condition when your eyes lose the ability to focus properly due to age. The condition can cause blurred vision when you see objects that are close and can make it really difficult to use a computer or read books.

PRESBYOND, also known as laser blended vision, may correct this problem that occurs with age. This is a great choice for the adults who are above 45 years and not eligible for the procedures discussed above. Your eye surgeon will optimise your one eye to view closely and other eye to see far objects by removing the need for bifocals or eye glasses.

Some FAQs on laser eye surgery

An important question most people have about vision procedure is “Will laser eye surgery hurt?” Luckily, it does not and your eye surgeon uses numbing drops on the eyes before performing the procedure. You feel mild discomfort or soreness afterwards.

Unlike any medical treatment, there are certain risks involved such as infection with the possible options for laser eye surgery. The side effects are – redness in whiter part of the eyes, slight discomfort and glare from the bright lights. All these seem to resolve within a few weeks to one month.

Some people might not be eligible for laser eye surgery. When you are taking certain medications, suffering from connective tissue or autoimmune disorder or suffering from eye condition such as – keratoconus, you might consider other corrective vision options.

Which is the right laser eye surgery for your vision problems?

It is not that complicated to select laser eye surgery for treating your vision problems. After going through the symptoms carefully and comparing them with different methods available, you can have a discussion with your eye surgeon and then take the right decision for your case. Thus, if you want to perform laser eye surgery in London, then visit your ophthalmologist and know if you are the right candidate for undergoing the procedure.


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