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What is Thermal Imaging?

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Red Current provides a range of thermal imaging services, from thermal imaging surveys to thermal imaging camera sales and hire.

But what exactly is thermal imaging, and how might it help you? In this article, the team at Red Current explains the basics of this highly effective technique.

How Thermal Imaging Works

Thermal imaging uses infrared technology – the same method used by certain animals, such as snakes, to detect the heat produced by their prey.

Thermal imaging cameras employ this technology to capture pictures that focus on sources of infrared radiation. The more radiation detected in a particular location, the brighter and “warmer” the colours become.

As a result, thermal images usually show “hotter” spots in yellows, oranges and reds – while cooler areas are depicted using blues and purples.

Thermal survey reports often include infrared images of certain locations of interest alongside the data captured during the inspection, making this a great way to precisely pinpoint areas of unusual thermal activity.

The Uses of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging surveys can help to find defects in a structure or property. Such as water or thermal leaks, electrical faults and problems with underfloor heating.

In many cases, the alternative to a survey of this kind involves physical exploration, which can be labour intensive, dangerous, damaging and costly.

Without any damage to a property. Infrared cameras can pick up the cold spots created by poor insulation or the hot areas that suggest electrical issues which – left unchecked – could result in fires or serious injuries.

Once the problem spots have been accurately located, they can be accessed and resolved safely and cheaply, with minimal repairs required.

Thermal imaging is used to detect infestations of pests and to carefully locate bat roosts, too. 

It’s also a staple of the security industry and wildlife watching community. And can even help to tackle the spread of disease by monitoring the temperatures of individuals entering and leaving a building.

Arrange a Thermal Imaging Survey Today

If you’d like to arrange a thermographic survey for your home or business, look no further than Red Current. Our specialists will happily arrange a date and time to pay you a visit and analyze any structure using our sophisticated equipment.

Alternatively, you can purchase your own infrared camera from our range of high quality FLIR products. This is perfect for those who are likely to benefit from using thermal imaging regularly – perhaps as part of their job.

We offer FLIR Thermal Studio Software with our cameras to help you generate reports and analyze your findings with great expertise.We also offer thermal imaging camera hire, for those who would prefer to undertake a survey themselves but do not require use of the equipment in the long term. 

We’ll explain the processes involved and give a clear demonstration to make sure you are confident using the technology alone.For further information about our surveys, along with the camera sales and hire options we provide, simply get in touch with our team today. We’ll be very happy to assist you.


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