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Know benefits of Pukhraj before wearing them

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According to many popular astrological studies, gemstones have a lot of special powers and this mainly happens because they have some strong planetary influences over them which can in turn affect an individual’s life. There is more than one variety of gemstones which have astrological benefits and yellow sapphire is definitely a prominent one.

Also known as Pukhraj stone, yellow sapphire should be worn only if an experienced astrologer asks one to wear it. But not only in case of this stone, this is applicable for all the other gemstones as well.  Before wearing any sort of gemstones, one has to take proper advice from any astrologer who is experienced enough who can study an individual’s birth chart and then can ask them to wear one gemstone or a combination of more than one gemstones.

When one is looking at the sapphire family of stones the two which are considered to be most popular are the blue sapphire or the neelam stone and the yellow sapphire or the pukhraj stone. These 2 come with a lot of astrological benefits. The yellow sapphire stone is said to have titanium in it along with aluminium oxide and iron impurities. The greenish yellow variation of this stone is widely available in Queensland and in New South Wales. On the other hand the one which are purely yellow, they are mostly available in East Africa, Montana and Sri Lanka. The colour of this stone varies from clear yellow to golden yellow, greenish yellow, slight green and orange also. According to many experts, the best variation of this particular stone is the one which is lemon yellow in colour.

Yellow sapphire is a particular gemstone which comes with the power of the Jupiter planet and this said to have a lot of positive vibes. It is worn by a person who wants to get rid of their financial difficulties which one is facing along with other life issues. Here are some major benefits of wearing a yellow sapphire stone:

  • This particular stone can help one to concentrate on the studies. Hence, if one wants to go for or already pursuing higher studies, it is great for them.
  • When one wants honour, fame, wealth then this particular gemstone can be quite beneficial. It can promote the general well being of an individual.
  • Wearing a yellow sapphire can also resolve a lot of health issues like gastritis, diarrhoea, gout, knee joint pain and other things.

If one wants to check the Bangkok yellow sapphire price in India then they can check them at Khanna Gems because they are the ones that deal with authentic and certified gemstones. They are dealing with gemstones for more than 30 years and so one should depend on them. One has to wear this stone on a Thursday morning after keeping it dipped in Gangajal or cow milk for at least 15 minutes. The ring needs to touch the skin of the finger otherwise the benefits of the stone will not be seen even after wearing them.


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