We often assume that to become an expert music player, we need to start learning the instrument like the Saxophone quite early in life. Many will say that unless you get into the best music school and practice the Saxophone at the youngest age possible, there isn’t much hope for you to be an expert Saxophone player. Well, the ideal time to visit the best music school Mississauga and learn saxophone lessons is the moment when you feel that you love the instrument and are capable enough to pick it up and play.


The Saxophone is a musical instrument made of brass and is played with a single-reed mouthpiece. The time you are introduced to it and the moment you hold it in your hands is the right time to opt for the professional teacher. You can get enrolled for expert saxophone lessons in Mississauga at any age.

So, the actual answer to the question, the right age to learn Saxophone, is when you desire to learn to play the instrument. The desire to learn the instrument can crop up at any age; it can be 5, 15, 55, or more. There is no specific age limit. Here we will particularly focus on the young kids and early teens willing to learn the Saxophone.

The Philosophy – Pull, But Never Push

For one trying to learn to play any musical instrument, pushing them into the music is not ideal, especially for the kids. Rather than being a parent or teacher, you should pull them by making the initial learning process enjoyable, inspiring, and fun. Forcing learners into music will possibly end up with a learned unhappy musician who hates playing the tool. The best musicians are the ones who love playing their instrument, who feel the connection to the music they create passionately. However, nurture that passion into your kids or students rather than forcing them into the music. Teach saxophone students to be determined, dedicated, and responsible, and make them understand how important practicing the tool is to be an expert player.

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Benefits of Beginning to Play the Saxophone at the Young Age

The two key benefits of getting beginners saxophone music lessons at the young age are –

  • Having years to learn and practice
  • The mindset to absorb and retain information

The learning pace of young musicians is astounding when they are in teens or before specifically. Mistakes seem to bother children much less than older people. Kids are receptive to making mistakes. This feature in kids accelerates learning since it lets them have freedom of expression without fear about how they sound or how they look. Besides, younger children are also in the stage of life where they keep learning new things and are more comfortable than adults who are no more in the learning scenario for a long time.

The Best Instrument for Kids

There are some physical factors to consider when thinking about a young student holding up the Saxophone. Students willing to hold the Saxophone need to be physically strong enough to pick and hold the instrument. When it comes to the saxophone weight, a normal alto sax instrument weighs circa five kilograms or more based on the model. The young students’ hands should be big enough to reach the keys. Nevertheless, the right age to hold the Saxophone comfortably and handle the keys is approx seven years.

Young Saxophone learners will be glad to know that an instrument is particularly designed for small hands. It is the Trevor James Alphasax – a unique innovation. It sounds and looks almost the same as a normal alto saxophone. Only some of the lowest and highest keys are taken away, making it much lighter in weight with approx 2kgs – far lighter than a normal saxophone. Alphasax is excellent for young saxophone beginners.

Beginning to learn to play the Saxophone in the early teens

By the time kids grow up and get into their teens, the physical elements of playing the Saxophone, its weight, the space amid the keys, etc. are no more a factor since teens are very much in the learning phase and are ideally in the place to accept new information in a clear way leaving no space for doubt or confusion.

Additionally, some young teenagers can be shyer and less communicative. They might have arrays of other critical changes and requirements, both personal and institutional. These challenges can affect how they respond and react to their music lessons and the realistic duration they need to practice. As said and believed, teenage is the best learning time. Teens have many years ahead to learn and develop. Nevertheless, if your desire to learn the Saxophone is strong, go ahead and enroll yourself to the best saxophone teacher at MississaugaPianoStudio. Regardless of your age and skill, a professional saxophone instructor will inspire you to enjoy the experience of getting the best saxophone lessons.

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