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How Interview Intelligence Helps in Conducting Interviews

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Artificial Intelligence is reshaping our world and playing a pivotal role in various facets of business operations, spanning from data analytics to content generation and, notably, the recruitment process. Given the undeniable significance and complexity of the recruitment process, organizations are increasingly seeking ways to enhance its efficiency. One such solution rapidly gaining traction is interview intelligence. In this article, we will uncover how AI in conducting interviews improves hiring and also provide valuable guidance on choosing the appropriate interview intelligence platform.

How does interview intelligence work?

Interview Intelligence makes the entire recruitment process more efficient and effective. Here’s how AI in conducting interviews works:

  1. Pre-interview preparation

Before the interview, AI in conducting interviews streamlines the process by allowing users to input a tailored set of questions and clearly define their intended goals. This meticulous planning ensures a consistent and equitable approach to each candidate, enhancing the overall recruitment experience.

  1. Generating ready-made agendas

The AI-driven capabilities of Interview Intelligence go beyond mere question preparation. It efficiently generates structured agendas for not just the current interview but also for future meetings. This invaluable feature promotes uniformity in the interview process while offering users the opportunity to learn from past interactions, ultimately refining their interviewing techniques.

  1. In-interview assistance

During the interview itself, Interview Intelligence offers the option to record and transcribe the conversation, eliminating distractions and allowing interviewers to focus entirely on the candidate. Simultaneously, the tool provides real-time guidance and suggestions to conduct the most effective recruitment interview, thereby enhancing the quality of assessments.

  1. Post-interview collaboration

After the interview concludes, the recorded materials can be easily shared with other stakeholders involved in the recruitment process. This fosters collaborative decision-making and ensures that all key moments from each interview are considered when making the final hiring decisions, thereby improving the overall recruitment process.

How interview intelligence enhances the recruitment process?

Now that you understand how AI in conducting interviews works, let’s explore how it enhances the hiring process:

  • Identifies better-fit hires

Intervie­w Intelligence e­mploys skill-based and scientifically validated que­stions to assess candidates. These­ questions evaluate the­ir qualifications and attributes, which are reliable­ indicators of on-the-job performance. This me­ticulous approach guarantees that the hiring proce­ss identifies individuals who align well with the­ organisation’s requirements.

  • Reduces stress

The decision-making process in hiring can be stressful, involving significant time, financial resources, and the well-being of hiring teams and future colleagues. By providing more accurate assessments, AI in conducting interviews allows for more confident and less stressful hiring decisions.

  • Streamlining interviews

AI in conducting interviews often offers templates used by major corporations, making it easy to structure interviews effectively. Additionally, features like transcription eliminate the need for manual note-taking and simplify the sharing of candidate performance evaluations across teams, saving time and reducing frustration.

  • Cutting costs and saving time

Efficiency gains resulting from AI in conducting interviews lead to reduced recruitment costs and a faster hiring process. Modern interview software accelerates the hiring process, making it not only more efficient but also more cost-effective when filling job roles.

  • Enhances candidate experience

AI in conducting interviews ensures that interviews are well-organized, efficient, meaningful, and compliant, creating a positive experience for candidates. This enables candidates to focus on showcasing their skills and finding the right fit for their abilities, ultimately creating a more satisfying experience for all parties involved in the recruitment process.

How to select an interview intelligence platform?

For optimal results in your hiring process, consider these essential features when choosing an interview intelligence platform:

  1. Automatic recording

An indispensable feature is automatic recording. It guarantees that no conversations are accidentally left unrecorded. This serves a dual purpose by acting as a safety net for compliance purposes and as a valuable resource for the continuous improvement of your hiring team’s skills.

  1. Automatic transcription

Automatic transcription is essential for preserving unbiased assessments. By capturing conversations verbatim, it upholds the accuracy of assessments and ensures one-to-one candidate comparisons. This, in turn, empowers teams to make well-informed decisions based on concrete information. Additionally, this approach eliminates the­ time-consuming practice of manual note-taking, e­nabling interviewers to fully e­ngage with candidates.

  1. Interview templates

Seek out an interview intelligence platform that provides a library of ready-to-use interview templates. These templates are a time-saving resource, enabling you to conduct interviews with the proficiency of an expert without the need to create interview content from scratch. For instance, platforms like BarRaiser offer a variety of templates for different job titles, including those from globally renowned companies such as Google, Accenture, Sony, and Deloitte.

  1. Structured interview builder

Select a platform that affords you the flexibility to customize interview outlines. Look for features that allow you to handpick desired skills, fine-tune question-wording, and replace questions as needed. It’s important to note that not all question banks provide the same level of customization, so choose a platform that offers robust options to tailor interviews precisely to your unique requirements.


The integration of AI in conducting interviews is a game-changer, simplifying and improving the process. Interview intelligence, with features like automatic recording, transcription, and interview templates, offers a comprehensive solution to modern hiring challenges. Choose BarRaiser’s Interview Intelligence platform to reduce stress, save time, and improve hiring quality. With BarRaiser, you can revolutionize your recruitment process with smarter interviews, interviewer coaching, and intelligent interview reports, taking your team-building efforts to the next level.


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