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3d Drawing Easy For Beginners With Step by Step

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How to draw a drop of 3D water

You will need pencils, white paper, skilled hands 3d drawing easy.

The first sketch.

Details of the drop pattern (spills, a reflection of light, a shadow, a trace of water).

3d drawing easy

3D Doorway

To create the illusion of a vertical image of the opening, you can add walls and floor:

  1. Extend the wide sheet. At the bottom right, draw a rectangular part about a third of the entire area. Connect the top left corners of the page and the rectangle. This diagonal is a wall joint; a rectangle is a floor.
  2. The walls are finely lined parallel to the edges of the sheet. The left side of the diagonal is vertical, the right side is horizontal. The walls are ready.
  3. Draw a door in the left wall almost in the corner with a rounded top, so that the threshold falls on the junction of the wall and the floor.
  4. The angle between the walls and the floor – reference points for the logical location of the door. It should be slightly extended along the left edge so that when viewed at an angle along the diagonal, the proportions are aligned.
  5. Shade the opening parallel to the threshold, more on the right side.
  6. Add hinges and an open door to the right. The right edge of the door must be parallel to the junction of the walls.
  7. Detail the door. The “vertical” plates look good.
  8. Apply shadows. Be sure to shade the edges of the ruler by 2-3 cm around the opening and the door to hide the irregularities of the shapes.

Look at an angle of about 30-45 degrees in the lower right corner of the sheet.

3D butterfly

One of the secrets of the illusion of volume is the cast shadow. The second is changed in proportion. Part of the image farther from the viewer should extend along the line of sight.

The initial sketch of the butterfly is proportional, the lower edge corresponds to the final location. From here, the viewer will see it.

We draw:

  1. Now you need to spread the image vertically. To do this, divide the sketch vertically into 4 equal parts. You can draw a line drawing ideas temporary auxiliary lines in these places.
  2. The proportions of the lower part do not change. You need to stretch the image from the second part – expand it by a quarter, the third – by half, and the fourth should come out three quarters longer than the original.
  3. Bring the outline of the image, remove all unnecessary auxiliary lines and remnants of the first project.
  4. To detail the image, designate the pattern of wings, villi on the body, 3d drawing easy antennas. If you want, you can color.
  5. Add the shadow symmetrically diagonally from the bottom edge of the image. Darken it completely, mix the borders.
  6. You can enhance the illusion by cutting the top of the sheet to about ¾ of the image, letting a piece of the wing protrude beyond the edge of the page.

3d wipers

An eraser is a small item, its 3D copy on paper can be copied literally from nature. You must first equip your job. Fix the sheet so that it does not move during the 3d drawing easy process, install the lamp so that the light falls on the left side.

We draw:

  1. Put the eraser where it will be drawn. Circle the outline.
  2. View from a selected point of view for spectators. Mark three points behind the eraser so that they are above its top three corners.
  3. Remove the wiper. According to the signs, draw the “upper” contour of the gum. In this case, the edges will narrow from the foreground to the back. Delete the auxiliary lines inside the shape.
  4. Put the wiper back on, see how the light falls on it. Circle the cast shadow and remove the sample to the side.
  5. Darken the edges of the drawn gum, shade in the right places, and enjoy the result.

3d man falling

A very simple 3D illusion – an image of a man standing on the edge. The trick is that the character is located simultaneously on two sides of the sheet.

How to draw:

  1. First, draw a figure of a person stretching closer to the right edge of the sheet. The upper part of the figure is almost 2 times longer than the lower one, as seen from above. Hands-on wrists, no palms.
  2. Measure the distance between the ends of the hands of the figure.
  3. Turn the paper face down, pull your palms with your fingers holding the edge of the left side of the sheet in the middle.
  4. Fold the sheet in a semicircle so that the images match. If it all turns out – find out the details and paint the man.


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