What is the Actual Cost of a 2 Carat Gold Diamond?

2 carat gold

There is no doubt in this that 2-carat diamonds are breathtaking. They never fail to catch everyone’s attention in the whole event and tend to become the center of attraction, be it a wedding or any other occasion. It would not be mistaken to affirm that these stand out on a finger. It is a proud moment for you when she showcases her ring to all her family and friends. There cannot be anything more gorgeous than the 2 carat Gold diamond ring. 

But a person gets the biggest shock of his life when he comes to know the cost of a 2 carat diamond ring. Without any doubt, these rings are more costly than any other rings. The 2-carat diamond rings, which are of high-quality shine, sparkle, and show off their brilliance. 

The 2-carat diamond ring consists of a large diamond, and when buying such a large diamond, even the smallest issues can lead to big problems. Several key components must be examined before purchasing the 2-carat diamond ring. Let us learn the actual 2 carat diamond ring cost along with other crucial things. 

2 carat diamond ring 

It simply denotes the weight of a diamond and is somewhat equal to 400 milligrams or 0.4 grams. It weighs around half of a raisin. 2-carat diamonds are rarely found in local stores because of their scarcity. Even if they are available, then they are of poor quality. 

How large is a 2 carat diamond ring?

Those diamonds which are round-shaped should be around 8.10mm in diameter. Various diamond dealers offer a range of exquisite 2-carat diamond engagement rings. There are differences in the beauty and price of these diamonds. 

If the price of a diamond is high, then it does not mean that it will be a better diamond. All diamonds are priced per carat in terms of pricing. In addition to this, as you reach higher weight categories, the diamond prices per carat also tend to increase. 

Diamond prices increase exponentially because of the diamond’s higher weight value and the high price per carat for the increased weight category. But bear in mind that diamond prices per carat do not increase continuously due to the increase in weight. While purchasing diamonds, people forget that diamonds are retail products driven by emotion and not by reason. 

These days, diamond cutters have become careful with their job and started looking after the cut quality and other things concerning diamonds. As far as all the other diamonds are affected, the 2-carat diamond ring has become increasingly popular. As it’s all about the feeling, diamond pricing is subjective. The sole reason for the poor cut diamonds in the market is these feelings only within the diamond industry. 

How much is a 2 carat diamond ring?

Depending on the shape, cut quality, clarity, color, and range of other factors, a 2-carat diamond ring price varies greatly. On average, you can expect the cost of a 2 carat diamond ring to range between $5000-$60,000. Some jewelers can even charge more than this. 

No two diamonds are the same, and so their price also varies greatly. Before buying the diamond, everyone should look into the 4cs of diamond and then buy it. As compared to a carat weight, one should focus on the quality of the diamond. This will get you the best quality diamond and that too in your budget, especially when buying the 2-carat diamond. 

4cs of 2 carat diamond ring 

With a gorgeous setting in place, an exquisite 2-carat diamond ring will be stunning be it in every shape. People select the diamond shape out of their personal preferences and unique style. 

The size of the engagement rings 

It is vital to know the right ring size of the wearer when buying the 2-carat diamond ring for engagement purposes. You can match the ring size with some other ring for a surprise proposal. There comes the plastic ring sizer also to get you the most accurate measurement. 

Based on how many millimeters the diamond is, the ring is sized. For women, the most popular sizes out there are 5,6, and 7. One should strive to look for the ideal size to prevent resizing after the proposal. 

Clarity of 2 carat diamond engagement rings 


If you want to ensure your money’s worth, then be watchful of the 4cs of diamond that is cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. You should avoid spending on areas that won’t give you any additional benefit or advantage. 

Evaluating the clarity of 2-carat diamond rings is essential. There is a larger table for 2-carat diamond rings than the 1 carat diamond of the same shape. By looking at the clarity of the diamond, you will get to know the inclusions, blemishes, or other extra facets present in the diamond. 

 Take the help of an expert if you cannot make heads or tails out of it. You need to distinguish between attractive and clear diamonds. 

Color of 2 carat diamond rings

Another crucial component of 4cs of a diamond is its color. It requires a bit of extra attention. The price difference between the diamonds is very clearly evident irrespective of the fact that the naked eye can’t distinguish between the color grades of the diamond. 

If you look at the GIA grading scale, then color is graded from D to Z. D stands for the colorless diamond, whereas Z stands for a diamond containing some color. It would be more sufficient for you to have an expert beside you to guide you in this. 

Make sure that the diamond appears white along with its setting. At present, engagement rings are available in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum settings. If you buy the 2-carat diamond ring, it is advised to opt for the colorless range. It is harder to discern the color when you have a cut grade of excellent or ideal. 

Ways to get the best value of 2 carat diamond ring 

If you are thinking of buying a diamond of considerable weight, then quality should be the topmost priority and not anything else. Money spent on the poorly cut 2-carat diamond will not be worth it if there is no brilliance, fire, or radiance in it. 

Ensure that the diamond comes from either GIA or AGS certificate to ensure that the diamond is exactly what the dealer is stating. These two are renowned and well-respected diamond grading entities that offer accurate and consistent reports for diamonds. Many people do not pay notice to the certification, but it equally matters and the 4cs of a diamond. 

Besides the 4cs of diamond, the diamond shape also matters to a great extent. A person selects the diamond shape based on style and preference. One should opt for the matching diamond shape that is complementary and offers you stability. 

And when it comes to getting the 2-carat ring from a seller, then you should purchase it from a well-respected diamond seller only with years of experience and high-quality certificates. 


The 2 carat diamond ring cost will depend on all the factors mentioned above. And it will vary significantly from diamond to diamond. No matter what, a 2-carat diamond ring will enhance your beauty and give you the pride you desire. 

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