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What experts say about WordPress Websites

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The internet’s favorite digital organism is growing stronger every day. What might that be? Why, of course- it’s WordPress Websites. With a dedicated community of developers who have created their own unique culture and work ethic, WordPress is a simple blogging platform no longer. It has branched into an integrated Content Management System that powers nearly 40% of all websites. That’s right, 2 out of 5 websites are availing of it.org’s services.

Whether you’re a beginner in business or a seasoned veteran of the market, it caters to everyone’s needs. And even experienced industry members and experts come to the same consensus: it is the easiest, most accessible, and most customizable CMS platform that addresses most (if not all) aspects of web hosting, e-commerce, online selling, and more.

Note: WordPress.com and it org are two distinct entities. For this article, we shall look at the latter.

First, look at four reasons it is THE go-to CMS platform.

1. WordPress is Cost-Effective

It seems like a straightforward decision, but WordPress’s cost-effective pricing model has helped propel its popularity.

The platform offers a free subscription, with its lowest (and most popular) pricing tier starting at a mere $4. That is at least three times lesser than any platform in direct competition with WordPress.

You pay individually for every plugin or add-on you might want, allowing you to manage your finances. This is especially helpful for startups and small business owners looking to create an established online presence before taking things to a higher level.

2. WordPress Equals FREEDOM

It is an open-source platform. This means no one owns WordPress or its various features; they are all created by the it Community. It also means that you, as a user, are only tied down to using WordPress for a while.

Unlike Wix or Shopify, your it website is owned by YOU. You purchase your domain name and web hosting service and can shift it without difficulties when you need to.

3. WordPress Websites are Highly Customizable,

“There’s a plugin for that” is a common saying amongst WordPress users, and for a good reason; with 58,000+ plugins and hundreds of pre-designed free and paid themes and templates, WordPress gives you complete control over the look and usability of your website.

WordPress is also extremely scalable: WordPress websites can be upgraded to match your business’ growing needs. If you want to include 15 different language options, create two new sections on your webpage, and add on a bunch of other features overnight, you can do so, losing none of your current data. That’s the beauty of it: its user-first approach.

With the new Gutenberg editor plugin, WordPress is attempting to scale up its operations and allow for full-fledged website editing, down to the minute details of its appearance and back-end work, giving you, the website owner, even more freedom over how YOUR website works.

4. WordPress Doesn’t Work For You- It Works With You

One of the main plus points of choosing WordPress Development Company is the access it gives you over crucial, technical aspects of your website’s functionality- and the avenues it gives you to help keep your business growing.

Tt has one of the best SEO plugins that help your content rate high on browsers all the time.

You can check your website’s status and troubleshoot the same through the “Site Health” feature, keeping your website secure from malware and cyber-attacks.

On top of all the features WordPress gives you, it’s linked to WooCommerce, the e-commerce hosting service. Your e-commerce website also gets access to all of WordPress’ features.

 The Admin dashboard is designed so that even inexperienced users become familiar (dare we say, borderline fluent) with managing their website!

So, these are four simple reasons for choosing WordPress.org to create and grow your business website.

However, we understand you might still need to sell, so we scrounged the internet for experts’ opinions on WordPress and why they use WordPress Websites. Here are a few of them:

Paul Lacey, a WordPress Expert and podcast, say, “A startup needs to be flexible, agile, and ready to adapt when growth is happening. From a website’s point of view, WordPress is the obvious choice WordPress is a platform that gives you the flexibility to scale up per your convenience and adapt to your evolving business needs. WordPress is open-source, so there is no concern about putting the business’ key online asset into the hands of a proprietary platform (for instance, Wix or Squarespace).”

The Co-founder of Sourcing Playground, Fred Russias, opines “We used WordPress for a B2B marketplace, something quite similar to UpWork.

Ben Sibley from Compete Themes clinches the deal in it’ favor by saying, “When it comes to online marketing and growing a business, WordPress helplines. There are amazing solutions for improving your site’s SEO, growing an email list, decreasing your load times, and doing even more.” With so many experts vouching for WordPress’s brilliant user-friendly interface, it is no wonder it has held its own as the King of website building and CMS platforms despite the new kids popping up on the block! Whether you are looking to build a basic or an e-commerce website, WordPress will have all your needs covered, giving you a premium experience without pinching your pocket!


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