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What are the Best Ways to Manage PCOD Daily?

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PCOD is a condition developed by hormonal imbalance. It is marked by irregular or no menstrual cycles. About 50% of women suffering from this condition are obese. You can also experience weight gain, infertility, thinning hair, and acne. This disorder is most common among women of the reproductive age. It cannot be fully cured. But the good news is that the condition can be managed at home. Proper care can protect women against diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and endometrial cancer.

It is a good idea to combine natural and medical approaches to control the symptoms. This can help you achieve wellness safely and effectively. Below are a few therapeutic, gentle, and less invasive remedies for polycystic ovarian disease. Read on.

Small Frequent Meals

Consider 5-6 small diets daily. Add loads of fiber foods like almonds, beans, sweet potatoes, lentils, pumpkin, berries, and green and red peppers. These can reduce insulin resistance and reduce the negative impact of sugar on your body. Carbohydrates must be another important part of your meal. The best forms of low carbs are eggs, leafy vegetables, and nuts and seeds. Iron, magnesium, omega-3, calcium, and soy products can help reverse PCOD. Try to avoid foods like cookies, chips, juice, granola, sweetened juices, cereals, and soda.

Shred a Few Kilos

Being overweight can lead to complications like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It is, therefore, quite important to ensure a healthy weight according to your BMI. Studies have found that losing even 5% of the body weight can benefit PCOD and PCOS. Start with daily exercises for at least 30 to 60 minutes according to your tenacity.

This can combat insulin resistance and control excess fat. Track your calorie intake and cut down on whole milk and cheese. Achieving the right weight as per your mass and height can improve overall health.


Consult doctorsat top gynecology hospitals and start taking pills for PCOD. These include omega-3 fish oil, inositol, cod liver oil, selenium, evening primrose oil, zinc, vitamin D and D plus, turmeric and chromium. These are safe nutritional supplements that can control PCOD symptoms and regulate glucose levels and ovarian health. You can also pick herbal capsules to manage the condition effectively. Make sure they do not interfere with your medicines or existing medical conditions.

Good Sleep Pattern

Lack of sleep can increase stress by boosting cortisol hormones. This is not a favorable condition for women with PCOD. Try to maintain a healthy sleep routine. Sleep for 9-10 hours daily. Block sunlight and noise inside the bedroom to create a restful ambiance. Avoid caffeine or rich foods before bedtime. Try not to take long naps during the daytime. Control your thoughts and worries for a peaceful sleep.

Work with top doctors at the best gynecology hospital to create a treatment plan. Talk to them about the therapies and natural methods you wish to adopt. Taking proper advice and guidance according to your physical health can help you reap the benefits better.


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