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Why Metal Barns Is The Safest Option For Farmers?

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Barns have been an iconic and essential part of American farming and ranching. With versatile structures, barns can multitask, making the farmer’s job easier. Most farmers construct barns with wood, as it is the most widely available and affordable material. However, a timber-built structure often comes at a high upkeep cost.

This takes time, effort, and money out of a farmer’s life. So, to reduce the burden on farmers, we suggest custom steel barns. These are made using structural steel, which offers many benefits over traditional materials. Let’s examine this more closely.

Metal Barns: A Safe Option For Farmers

1. Protection & Safety

~ From Pests

Dealing with pests is an everyday challenge for American farmers. Metal barns help you get rid of them. Here’s how.

Metal is an inorganic material that does not attract termite colonies. You can use waterproofing sealants to ensure insects stay away from your metal building barn. Sealing holes and gaps also reduces air draft.

~ From Intruders

Metal is produced in a factory and has even density all around. This is not possible with other materials like timber, which comes from nature and varies with the quality and type of trees. Being evenly dense, rodents and other carnivores can’t find a way to chew through or cut the panels to enter.

~ From Fire

Intumescent, vermiculite, etc., are suitable fireproof coatings for steel barns. Once the coating is done, the steel structure can resist fire for up to four hours. You can add an insulator to your barn building. Not only does it help with indoor temperature regulation, but it also slows down the spread of fire.

Another great thing about being fire-resistant is getting up to 30% off on insurance premiums.

~ From Rot & Decay

Timber-built barns are porous and absorb moisture with changing seasons. Fungus buildup inside can lead to panel bends, twisting, cracking, rotting, and decay. As a farmer, you will have to repair and replace them frequently.

But with metal, you do not have to worry about rot or decay, as metals are anti-fungal by nature. Some metals, such as copper, are also anti-bacterial. You can use copper coating in places that are frequently in use, like door handles or dairy barn feed areas.

~ From Weather

Certified steel barns can withstand high-speed winds, heavy snow loads over the roof, and seismic activities. Ask your metal builder about certification and warranties (if any). Do not forget to go through your local building guidelines. They will help you design and choose a suitable steel gauge for your metal barn.

2. Versatile Design

Steel Barns have multiple uses on the farm. Some common ones are listed below for your reference.

  • Dairy barn
  • Livestock shelter
  • Horse barn
  • Metal barndominium
  • Loafing shed
  • Hay, feed &crop storage
  • Riding arenas
  • Farm tools & vehicle storage
  • Cold storage

3. Low Upkeep

Steel buildings require less maintenance as they are resistant to pests, fire, intruders, and changing weather. You can clean your metal structure once every six months, and cleaning does not require any high-tech gadgets.

You can clean metal barns with water, a garden hose (we recommend a pressure washer for large buildings), and mild detergent. Use a soft bristle brush to remove bird droppings or any stubborn stains.

Metal structures do not require frequent re-painting, re-coating, and replacement, which can save a lot of money in the long run.

4. Durable Metal Building

A steel building, with the least maintenance, retains its structural integrity with time. No rotting, decaying, twisting, bending, expansion or contraction of metal panels and posts exists. That’s why many industries like aviation, oil & gas, and manufacturing prefer steel over others.

5. Customizable

Most people assume a metal building to be like a cookie cutter. But that’s not the reality. You can customize your metal structure barn. Here are some customizable options:

  1. Color (of roof, trim, side panels, and wainscot)
  2. Roofing Style (regular, horizontal, or vertical)
  3. Width (opt for a clear span to get a column-free interior of up to 300 ft.)
  4. Length (a metal building can be as high as 80 ft.)
  5. Mezzanine Floor (adding sections that are added inside to create more storage space)
  6. Window & Doors (such as clerestory windows, roll-up doors, walk-in doors, large automatic doors, etc.)
  7. External siding (you can add wood-like texture to metal panels or make it look modern & sleek with 3D, curve, or perforated metal panels)

To get customization details, contact your nearest metal builder today!

Bonus: Sustainable Structures

Structural steel is 100% recyclable and 98% recycled. Over 90% of steel production’s water is returned to its source cleaner. Once produced, steel can be used multiple times without losing its strength and durability. With timbers, infinite recyclability is not possible. They end up in landfill at last.

Using steel also saves nature from deforestation, as metal buildings do not require a lot of wood. Steel building installation takes less time and labor to finish, so you can start early.

But What About The Common Concern With Steel Barns, a.k.a. Corrosion?

We understand that as a farmer, you must be worried about a metal building rusting. And that’s a fair concern. However, you must know that not all metal tends to rust. Only iron and its alloys do.

Steel builders have come up with a solution to avoid rust development due to external conditions. Wondering what that is? Structural steel is immersed in hot zinc, which forms an even coating all over the surface. The process is called galvanizing.

It helps make steel rust-resistant. Another method that has been gaining popularity is weathering steel. The metal forms a rust-like patina that prohibits rust development and retains tensile strength.

Get Metal Barns For Ranches & Farming

High-quality, eco-friendly metal barns have recently become a staple of American farms. You, too, can join the sustainable movement and design steel barns tailored to your needs and budget. Contact a metal dealer with industry experience. Do not forget to check on reviews and feedback from their previous clients. Get a steel farmstead today!


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