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Typical Areas For Use Of AI In b2b Marketing – An Inside Scoop

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The march of artificial intelligence is continuous and progressive. What started with challenging reigning chess champions is now engulfing all of the human activities. Even marketing is taking the help of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence In B2b Marketing is making rapid progress. They are also used in manufacturing, self-driving cars, healthcare management, disease mapping, financial investment, social media monitoring, and more.

Artificial Intelligence In B2C Marketing

Needless to say, artificial intelligence is all around us. In marketing also there is an active role for artificial intelligence. Indeed, the use of AI involves the whole digital marketing customer journey. The whole process of capturing customer data through various interfaces with the customer, analyzing the data, and coming up with recommendations based on the analysis depends on artificial intelligence.  

  1. Understanding customer behavior through digital marketing customer journey 

Customers visit web stores, websites, social media, and other places. A digital presence in all these niches helps companies to capture a string of data about every customer. This helps them to come up with customized product offerings, promotions, etc. 

  • Targeting 

Once you understand client behavior, you can target them better through promotions, offerings, discounts, combo offers, etc. You can also target them at the right place such as in their mailbox, social media timeline, web store, mobile messages, etc. 

  • Predictive analysis

Companies use predictive analysis to identify customer needs. This can increase the organic revenue of businesses. They use a variety of means such as loyalty cards, mobile apps, etc to collect customer data and analyze them. This is a step towards the personalization of marketing. 

Artificial Intelligence In B2B Marketing

It is not just the B2C space that reaps the advantage of artificial intelligence. The B2b space too reaps the rewards of AI. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence In the b2b marketing space. 

1. Lead Generation and Conversion-Lead generation is not the sole requirement of B2c players. B2b players too need to generate leads and convert them to paying customers. AI systems in the B2b space can help to generate leads from content and messaging coming to your online store or website. They can work to qualify the captured leads, prioritize them based on models and distribute them to the correct department. This opens up a conversation with every potential customer.

2. Marketing Channels-AI is helping b2b marketers to choose the most effective marketing channel for them where they can engage with their customers more actively. It can record the effectiveness and performance of various marketing channels and decide which channel to use. It also helps to determine the best time to engage with the prospects. In essence, AI can assist B2b marketers to determine how and when to reach out to prospects.

3. Chatbots-AI-enabled Chatbots assist marketers with basic tasks like answer questions of potential customers swiftly and keeping your business in touch with prospective with the help of live chat sessions.

Bottom Line

AI has made rapid progress in every field and has become the mainstay of various systems and processes used in daily life. Its presence in marketing too is felt both in B2b andB2c spaces. 


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